The First Beheading of a Lebanese Soldier Enrages The Nation

By Walid Shoebat

Ali Sayyed was one of 19 Lebanese soldiers captured by ISIS when they seized a Lebanese border town of Ersal on the Lebanese borders this month.


The Lebanese security sources reported on Thursday that renewed clashes in the town of Arsal border with Syria between the army and ISIS terrorists after a patrol came under fire. Later a publication by one named “Abu Musab al-Baghdadi,” of ISIS tweets the killing of Sayyed saying:

“We have successfully mowed the neck of a military Crusader army at the hands of the Islamic state and an official statement will be issued shortly. Allah is victorious through his orders.”





(The wife of Ali al-Sayyed held her daughter and mourned the death of her husband, a Lebanese soldier who was beheaded by ISIS militants in Fnideq, a town in northern Lebanon.)

It mattered not that Sayyed was himself Sunni Muslim, since the Lebanese army is considered by ISIS to being primarily Christian “Crusaders”.

After the publication of al-Baghdadi’s tweet again the name of the soldier was announced publishing the video of the slaughtering process in which it showed Sayyed blindfolded with his hands tied behind his back, writhing and kicking the dusty ground as the terrorists beheads him.

The images of the beheading caused an outrage in Lebanon in which politicians as well as civilian demonstrators gave their pledge to fight ISIS.