JUST DISCOVERED, ISIS Charges People $172 To Have Sex With One Year Old Infants And Nine Year Old Children (READ THE NEW PRICE LIST ISIS JUST RELEASED)

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

ISIS has set up the standard market price list for the sale of sex slaves. Yep, you got it right. It’s right here in black and white and blue (the ISIS seal of approval):



And we will translate it verbatim for all you English readers who still say that the sale of women is not true Islam:

“Price List–Sale of Booty
We have been informed that the market for sale of women had been witnessing a reduction in price which effects the needs for the Islamic State and the funding for the Mujahideen. For this, the commerce department had decided to set a fixed price regarding the sale of women. Therefore, all auctioneers are to abide by this and anyone who breaks the rules will be executed.
PRICE  (in Dinar)                         MERCHANDISE
$75,000                                 age 30-40/Yezidi/Christian
$100,000                              age 20-30/Yezidi/Christian
$150,000                              age 10-20/Yezidi/Christian
$50,000                                age 40-50/Yezidi/Christian
$200,000                             age 1-9/Yezidi/Christian
Limit to 3 Sex Slaves with exception to foreign sales to Turks, Syrians and Gulf states”.

The price reduction issued by ISIS was to expedite the sale of sex slaves due to an overstock. Clients from Turks, Syrians and Gulf states can purchase more than 3 sex slaves from an array of mature women, young women, teen, under age … to even infants. The conversion rate is $86 dollars for 100,000 Iraqi dinars.

The sources from the Middle East reports thousands of innocent Christian and Yezidi women come in the forefront involving  rape, kidnapping and murder, flogging and stoning and forced marriages.

Countless sources reported the new deal [see examples here, here and here] The prettiest of women for sale in the slave market are distributed to the ISIS princes while others are murdered for refusing to practice Sex Jihad. The Mehr (dowry) for women in Nineveh” Iraqi province could reach up to one million and a half million dinars. Any woman who resists is flogged 30 lashes, and all sale  outside the Muslim courts in the province is prohibited.

Westerners think that bizarre sex dealings are restricted to ISIS. Misyar marriage, for example, is nothing more than legalized call girls and has branches globally including in the U.S. It was first sanctioned in Egypt and Saudi Arabia to only spread to several other Muslim nations. There are many websites used to facilitate the transactions. The most popular is click here for ‘lonely’ Muslim men who are on the road and are allowed to have sex with local Muslim women (who advertise themselves) in the area where the lonely Muslim male is traveling in which he can order his bride in the comfort of his hotel room by the touch of his keyboard.

Mesiara Online screenshot. Mesiara Online screenshot.

Call girls are permitted in Islam and even with Muslim women donned with Hijabs. Misyar means sex for the travelers. While prostitution exists in every corner of the globe, its sanctification with fanciful words is what is particularly at issue here. The word prostitution is stealthily removed since there is a transaction established that says “marriage” instead.

Misyar is all over the Middle East and is sanctioned by many top Imams. The Muslim “conservative” world is much more disgusting than one can imagine. It’s actually far more like western liberalism than western conservatism. Misyar marriages are rarely if ever discussed in Western mainstream media, perhaps – at least in part – for that reason.

ISIS simply follows the Muslim standards set by Imams in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Kurdish intelligence are saying that thousands of abducted women work as slaves in homes or are being sold to human traffickers to work in brothels in several parts of the Middle East, while forcing others to marry ISIS fighters. Officers in the Kurdish intelligence, they received that women selling to people smugglers, including between $ 500 and $ 3000. 1200 women at least were abducted from the town of Sinjar while  thousands are kidnapped from nearby towns and villages.  Schools in Tal Afar are used for temporary holding place for women.

A spokesman for Iraqi Red Crescent, Mohammed al-Khuzai, declared that “elements of the organization ISIS detained dozens of families in Tal Afar Airport from the Turkmen, Yazidi and Christian background while killing all the men to offer their wives in the markets, and pointed out that Christians and Yazidis stranded in the mountains inSinjar numbering 200 thousand displaced people, including more than 25 thousand children, and noted that the delivery of assistance to them is difficult because the roads closed.

Recently trading pioneers of social networking sites showed hundreds of video clips, which explains the prices for Yezidi and Christian sex slaves.

Shoebat.com were the first to show a leaked video of ISIS auctioneers discussing the distribution of sex salves:

The video shows ISIS openly admitting that the establishment of a “slave market” to sell sex slaves.