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Iran Will Build Nuclear Bombs While The Ayatullah Ali Khamenei Just Threatened To ‘Annihilate Israel

By Walid Shoebat No matter how many times Benjamin Netanyahu calls to stop Iran from gaining nuclear weapons and no matter what prophecy teachers proclaim that Israel will hit Iran’s nuclear facilities, they are all wrong; Iran will build nuclear weapons, but instead of aiming them at Israel, they will aim them at Saudi Arabia. […]

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Politician Places Relations With Turkey Above Defending His Nation’s Citizens From Muslim Assailants

The Foreign Minister of Denmark, a NATO member state, has officially placed his country’s relations with Turkey above standing up for the rights of individual Danish citizens. For many of us, this would serve as another in a long list of reasons to jettison Turkey from NATO, not further embrace it. According to Hurriyet: Maintaining […]

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Three Years After Cheering Rise of Muslim Brotherhood, Doofus John McCain Wonders Why ‘Radical Islam’ On the Rise

Like an arsonist who sets a fire and wonders why the building burned down, Senator John McCain is all of a sudden bemoaning the rise of ‘radical Islam’. With little due respect, Senator… Duh! During an appearance on Fox & Friends, McCain appears ignorant to the fact that he has been a key player in […]

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Thousands Of Christians Form An Army, Stand Their Ground, And Drive Out ISIS From Entering Their Lands

By Theodore Shoebat Thousands of Christians in Lebanon have formed an army to combat ISIS. The militias are driving out jihadists groups like ISIS and al-Nusra, and have prevented Lebanon from becoming another Mosul. One of Christian militia leaders, Rifaat Nasrallah, said If it weren’t for us, it would be another Mosul for the Christians […]

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76% Of Russians Hate Obama

By Theodore Shoebat A new pole shows that 76% are adverse to Obama’s policies, as we read from a recent report: The proportion of Russians who don’t like the policies of the US President’s has surged from 12% in 2009 to 76% this year according to new research. The opinion poll conducted by the independent […]

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British Government: The Islamic Massacre Of People In Britain Is “Almost Inevitable”

By Theodore Shoebat Security officials within the British government are now saying that a major terrorist attack within Britain is “almost inevitable”. According to one report: Levels of terrorist activity in Britain are so acute an attack is “almost inevitable” in the coming months, top security personnel have warned parliament. Ministers are reportedly subject to […]

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Patriotic Newscasters Call For Terrorist Blood To Run In The Streets Over Deaths Of Soldiers

The video below is SHOCKING to watch but potentially even more so because of what it portends. It is a compilation of Egyptian newscasters reacting to the deaths of dozens of their country’s soldiers in the Sinai last month, at the hands of terrorists. While there are several different newscasters, the sentiment of each is […]

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By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) Do westerners even focus on how many have given allegiance to the Islamic Caliphate (ISIS) the forerunner of Antichrist, while marking their foreheads with the blasphemous badge of Islam? The world will be soon shocked to the rise of the Islamic Antichrist. While much focus on the war on ISIS […]

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