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Lucifer Always Loses And His Followers Always Lose their Minds

Lucifer always loses, even though so many on the left think he’s invincible. His liberal followers could use an anthem that perfectly illustrates their modus operandi. It’s a mentality that places ends above means; it allows selfishness to trump selflessness; it allows the violation of every Commandment (the ten given to Moses and the two […]

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Muslims See Christians Walking To Church, Attack Them And Slaughter All Of Them

By Theodore Shoebat Today on Sunday, Muslims in Nigeria spotted a body of Christians walking to church, attacked them and slaughtered them. According to a Nigerian report: Several people were reportedly killed today, Sunday, 2 November, 2014 when Boko Haram insurgents attacked a predominantly Christian community of Sabon Gari on the border of Borno and […]

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Walid Shoebat Discusses ISIS on National Television

Walid on One America News diescussing ISIS One America News a relatively new Cable network. It is the best news network for giving you the truth about what is happening in the Middle East. Their web site is and here is how you can watch them instead of the other vegetable soup news stations […]

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NATO’s Muslim Problem Child Turkey Is Putting Member States In Greater Danger

Russia is again saber rattling with NATO. Nuclear bombers were picked up flying in significant numbers near European air space according to the Washington Free Beacon. This is clearly meant as a warning to not just Europe and the U.S. but the larger NATO that includes Turkey, which is rapidly becoming toxic to other member […]

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