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Millions In The Church Will Follow Antichrist And Will End Up In Hell

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) Many comment to us saying that what we write about doesn’t matter since understanding salvation is the only matter that does. Indeed, but many also fell away and rejected Jesus’ first coming for ignoring something as stupid as a donkey believing that Messiah’s entry into Jerusalem was to defeat the […]

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Muslim Man In Oklahoma Stabs A Christian With A Knife For Preaching Against The Koran, And Says That More Muslims In America Need To Behead American Christians

By Theodore Shoebat Yet another Muslim in Oklahoma attacked a Christian. A Muslim named Jimmy Stepney stabbed a Christian man named Jerome Bullockand after he told him about the Bible and why Islam is false. The Muslim told him that Muslims in America “need to step up to the plate and do certain thing. He […]

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Muslims Bust Into Christian Home, And Scream That They Will Slaughter All Of The Women And Children If They Do Not Convert To Islam

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Iraq, all members of ISIS, attacked the home of a Christian family and screamed that they will kill the women and children if they did not convert to Islam. Fida Boutros Matti, the mother of the household, retold the traumatizing event as we read in one report: “They took our […]

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Kenyan Government Slaughters 100 Muslim Jihadists As Justice For Their Massacre Of 28 Christians

By Theodore Shoebat The Kenyan government just slaughtered 100 Muslim jihadists as justice for their massacre of 28 Christians that happened just yesterday. I did a whole video on this: Kenya’s vice-president, William Ruto, said: Following the Mandera bus attack, our security forces swiftly initiated a response. They identified, followed and struck the perpetrators of […]

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Muslim Ferguson Agitator Displays Arrogance and Belligerence During TV Interview

Bassem Masri is an arab Muslim who has been arrested on more than one occasion in Ferguson. As has reported, he is doing his part to foment unrest in the area and was recently interviewed by Michael Smerconish. In the exchange below, it’s clear what kind of person the police are having to deal […]

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FED UP Woman Confronts Corrupt Politicians Who Support Construction of Mega Mosque

In the world of YouTube, some videos can reveal much about human nature. One such video is below. Jayda Fransen is running for office in Rochester, England and is disgusted at the politicians in power who have acquiesced to Muslim demands for a mega mosque, despite the people of Rochester opposing it. Their reaction when […]

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Christ Will Revive Christendom, And His Armies Will Carry The Cross, Destroy Islam And Crush The Antichrist

SHOEBAT EXCLUSIVE By Theodore Shoebat The Christian knight is charitable and ferocious; merciful and just; zealous and filled with the highest love. He is a warrior and a monastic, all in one person. In him the Spiritual Sword and the temporal sword are united, and strive for one glorious mission: the destruction of the devil […]

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ISIS Will Take Over The Most Dangerous Muslim Nation On Earth, Take Its Nukes, And Commit The Bloodiest Massacre Of Christians We Will See

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) ISIS now has camped in Pakistan and all across Pakistan, the black standard of the Islamic State has been popping up all over from urban slums to Taliban strongholds, the ISIS logo and name have appeared in graffiti, posters and pamphlets and a cluster of militant commanders in Pakistan declared […]

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