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England Makes A New Law: Schools That Teach Against Homosexuality Will Be Shut Down

By Theodore Shoebat The homo tyranny is only getting worse and worse. With the increase of tolerance for evil, comes the increase of tyranny. Now the British government is decreeing that any school that teaches against homosexuality will be closed, according to the Daily Mail: Schools found ‘indoctrinating pupils about gay people’ will face being […]

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Retired General Who Obama Appointed to Lead Campaign Against ISIS is Defending Islam

General John Allen (Ret.) was selected as Barack Obama’s envoy for the coalition to combat ISIS. While in Kuwait, Allen echoed Obama’s sentiment that the group is “not Islamic” (despite its leader having a PhD in Islamic studies). In so doing, Allen is being dishonest. CNS News reported: A global effort to counter claims by […]

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Canadian Muslims Whining that Prime Minister Not Coming to their Defense after Terror Attacks

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is not speaking out against an alleged anti-Muslim backlash in the wake of the recent terror attacks in that country. Considering the history of Muslims when it comes to faking hate crimes [here, and here], Harper is likely doing the right thing. Predictably, Muslims in Canada are not happy with […]

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Muslim Who Used Hatchet on NYPD Officers Visited ISIS and al-Qaeda Websites

It would have been nice to see this reported soon after the terror attack but it’s been revealed that the hatchet-wielding Muslim Zale Thompson who attacked four NYPD police officers last month visited ISIS and al-Qaeda websites in the days prior to the attack. Mainstream media and politicians wanted to play down the Muslim connection […]

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Muslim Man Crucifies Cat In Support Of ISIS

By Walid Shoebat The sign of a sick and evil person, is the torture of animals. Pretty much every serial killer at point in time tortured cats and dogs. The Muslim world is filled with animal cruelty, and Muslim children and teenagers, and even adults, love killing cats and dogs in very sadistic ways. The […]

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