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Muslims Take 48 Fishermen, Cut Their Throats And Tie The Rest And Throw Them Into The Water To Drown

By Theodore Shoebat Another brutal massacre has taken place in Nigeria, and this time the victims were fishermen. Boko Haram Muslim terrorists took 48 innocent fishermen, cut their throats, they then tied the rest and threw them into the water to drown. According to one report: The head of the fish traders association said the […]

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American Military Slaughters 34 Muslim Jihadists Who Bought And Sold Women For Sex

By Theodore Shoebat It is now being reported that the American military has slaughtered 34 ISIS jihadists, one of whom was a major sex trafficker named Mustafa Sulaiman Qarabash. As we read in a recent report: A militant of the Islamic State terror group who sold kidnapped Yazidi girls in a slave market in Syria […]

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Trouble Continues Finding Muslim State Senator

Missouri State Senator Jamillah Nasheed who is also a Muslim, has become one of the prominent faces in support of the Ferguson protesters as has reported. It’s now being reported that she was recently the victim of an attempted robbery and carjacking in her own driveway and that she had a gun put to […]

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New Jersey Muslim Woman Charged With Sexually Assaulting High School Student

New Jersey has been the subject of several posts at recently, for all the wrong reasons. Here’s another one, courtesy of North Jersey: A substitute teacher at Manchester Regional High School was arrested and charged with sexually assaulting a 16-year-old male student, authorities said. Linda Hardan, 21, was arrested Friday for an incident that […]

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Police Tell Citizens To Hide Their National Flag To Avoid Angering Muslims

It takes a special brand of institutionalized, bureaucratic insanity for police of any nation to tell their own citizens to hide their country’s flag so as not to provoke those who find the flag objectionable. Fortunately, in this case, the flag-waving German patriots didn’t listen. One man can be heard mocking the police for suggesting […]

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Major Homosexual Leader In America Takes Fifteen Year Old Boy And Sodomizes Him Over And Over Again

By Theodore Shoebat A major homosexual leader in America, named Terry Bean, was arrested in Portland, Oregon, for sodomizing a 15 year old boy. I did a whole video on this: According to a report from USA Today A prominent gay rights activist and his ex-boyfriend were arrested in connection with an alleged 2013 incident […]

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