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Muslims Take Sixteen Christians And Slaughter Them All, As Part Of Organized Plan To Wipe Out Christians “from the face of the earth”

By Theodore Shoebat Muslim jihadists in Nigeria overtook sixteen Christians in the area of Gwoza, and slaughtered them all as part of a plan to wipe out Christians “from the face of the earth”, as we are told by one Nigerian Christian leader of the Church of Christ in Nations who said: We consider it […]

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Muslim Imam The Source of Ebola Outbreak in New Country

To this point, the West African Ebola outbreak has been limited to three countries – Liberia (13% Muslim), Sierra Leone (73% Muslim), and Guinea (85% Muslim). The world may have to contend with the virus in a fourth country due to an Imam who traveled to Mali from Guinea after becoming infected. According to a […]

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BARRACK-AST: Stupid People Defend Man Who Calls Them Stupid

On Today’s Barrack-AST: Jonathan Gruber is widely regarded as an Obamacare architect. He has been caught on video several times admitting that deceit had to be used in order to get the law past the American people. In making his case, Gruber insisted that the American people are stupid. However, the people he must have […]

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Politician Rips Government For Allowing Muslim Invasion

In Sweden, you have the Democrats and the Social Democrats, which is the pro-multicultural party that doesn’t seem to have a problem putting a happy face on the Islamic invasion of the country by calling it immigration. In the speech below before Swedish Parliament, MP Kent Ekeroth with the Democrats, calls out the Parliament for […]

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Calvary Chapel Throws Man Out For Wanting To Talk About The Islamic Persecution Of Christians

By Theodore Shoebat A Christian man named Chris Garcia was thrown out of Calvary Chapel for wanting to talk about the Islamic persecution of Christians. Mr. Garcia was kicked out of Calvary Chapel Montebello in California by pastors Pancho Juarez, Carlos Mendoza, John Paul Jones  because he was urging the church to bring awareness about […]

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Hundreds Of Men Take Up Bows And Arrows, Spears and Machetes, And Slaughter 100 Muslim Jihadists

By Theodore Shoebat Hundreds of vigilantes took up bows and arrows, spears and machetes, and slaughtered no fewer than 100 Muslim jihadists who were a part of Boko Haram. They defeated the Boko Haram Muslims in the area of Mubi, and drove them out. Mubi is the same area where Boko Haram Muslims were forcing […]

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