Archive | July 4, 2018

Fifteen Thousand White South Afrikaners Seeking Refuge In The South Of Russia From Violence In Their Homeland

In light of increasing violence in South Africa, Russian news has reported that 15,000 Afrikaners are attempting to move to southern Russia as refugees: The descendants of the Dutch colonialists of Africa – the Boers – can migrate to the North Caucasus as refugees in the near future . Representatives of this people in the […]

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Hindu Terrorists Attack Ten Christian Families, Beat Them And Run Them Out Of Their Village For Refusing To Apostatize

Ten Christian families in India were beaten and forced out of their village by Hindu terrorists for refusing to apostatize according to a report: Ten Christian families in India have reportedly been driven out of their homes in the Jharkhand state after they refused to denounce their faith in Jesus Christ last month. International Christian […]

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