Archive | July 10, 2018

Catholic Priest Who Worked As Peacemaker Between Christians And Muslims Murdered By Gunmen In His Church

A Catholic priest who worked to build peace between Christians and Muslims, Fr. Firmin Gbagoua, was murdered in his Church presbytery by armed gunmen: The Catholic Church in the Central African Republic is again in shock after the killing of the vicar general of Bambari, in the centre of the country, on Friday night. Father […]

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Islamic Terrorists Attack And Displace Three Thousand Christians In Just The Month Of June Alone

The violence being directed against Christians in Nigeria by Islamic terrorists is approaching the levels of genocide. In just the month of June alone, three thousand Christians were displaced from their homes and villages due to attacks from Muslim terrorists. This does not include the approximately six thousand Christians who have been murdered since the […]

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Burmese Military Destroys 60 Churches, Seizes The Land And Erects Pagan Temples In Their Place

In the final movie in the Rambo series, Rambo helps rescue American Christian missionaries kidnapped by the Burmese military before exacting his own revenge, Rambo-style. The 2008 film, which was very well done, is rooted in the real conflict of Christians, mostly coming from a people known as the Karen people, and their fight against […]

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