Archive | July 28, 2018

Seven Centuries After Hus’ Rebellion Against The Faith, Moravian Church Invites Muslims To Speak In Her Walls About Islam

Centuries ago, Jan Hus and his followers rebelled against the Catholic Church to establish their own sect in a move that many historians regard as one of the precursors to the Protestant Revolution. Hus’ revolution failed but his ideas persisted and came to form the Moravian Church. The Catholic Faith notes that the end of […]

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The German Government Wants To Merge Its Military With The Militaries Of European Countries, And Desires To Combine Its Military With The Armies Of Muslim Albania And Bosnia. Be Prepared For The Return Of The Next Reich

By Theodore Shoebat and Walid Shoebat ( Sunday Special)  Germany wants to merge its military with the militaries of weaker European countries. In other words, Germany desires to mix its iron with the miry clay of Europe.  The government of Germany now wants to recruit non-German EU citizens into the German military. As we read […]

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