Homosexual Couple Engages In Fornication, One Sodomite Asks To Be Sodomized Again And His Partner Refuses, He Gets Angry And Stabs Him In Murderous Lust-Driven Rage

The sodomites are driven by their lusts, and so not only do they seek to engage in unnatural behavior, but they will act with violence to fulfill their lusts if they so desire to.

A sodomite has been arrested after attempting to murder his homosexual partner. According to reports after the two engaged in fornication, one of the homosexuals wanted to be sodomized again and the other one refused. Out of anger he picked up a “sharp object” and stabbed his partner:

A 23-year-old homosexual man has been arrested for allegedly stabbing his male partner, the Pune city police said Thursday.

A case of attempt to murder under section 307 of the IPC has been registered against the accused, said a police official of Khadak police station.

The incident happened Wednesday morning at the 46-year-old complainant’s residence, said the official.

“Both men were in relationship for the last couple of years. On Tuesday night, the accused visited the complainant and they had sex. When the complainant again wanted to have sex in the morning, the accused refused, which led to a fight,” the officer said.

During the fight, the accused allegedly stabbed the complainant with a sharp-edged weapon.

He is is now recovering in a hospital while the accused was arrested, the official added.

Police did not disclose names of both the men. (source)

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