Archive | November 17, 2018

Meth Addicted Couple Leaves Baby To Die Horrible Death From Diaper Rash In Swing, Found Covered In Maggots

An American couple left their four-month old to die by placing him in a swing for over a week and not changing his diaper. When the child was found he was covered in maggots according to a report: An Iowa jury on Tuesday heard the graphic, heart-wrenching details of the death of a baby found […]

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“Furries” Are Not Merely Adults In Costumes, They Are Overwhelmingly Sodomites Who Are Legitimizing A Contemporary Variant Of Ancient Pagan Spirit Possession

“Furries” are people who dress up in animal costumes but unlike Halloween, are far from benign fun. They are often associated with bizarre perversions, as I have written about here and here. However, they have continued to grow in popularity worldwide and are so much recognized that CNN did a story about them describing them […]

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