Archive | November 15, 2018

“ISIS” Claims They Did The California Wildfires In Spite Of Absolutely No Tangible Proof

What Al-Qaeda was last decade ISIS is today. The Islamic terrorist group, known for its horrible atrocities and yet its uncanny connections deep within the US government and yet their ability to evade capture from the same government is now claiming that they were behind the California wildfires: One of the many media groups supporting […]

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Vigilante Mob Burns Two Men Alive In Mexico Over False Rumors Of Child Organ Trafficking

There are many horrible thing that happen around the world each day and scarcely are reported. But what happens if one of those crimes in question was just an allegation, and justice is dispensed before either the matter is proved, or even worse, that it was dispensed and the matter was shown by evidence to […]

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A few days ago, I responded to persons who said my writing about a New Hampshire politician involved in the adult industry was but a promotion of pornography. I explained in my piece that the reason I write about such trends was not to “promote pornography,” but that based on the counsel of a wise, […]

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US Military Finalizes Plans With Poland To Install A New, PERMANENT US Military Base Less Than 90 Minutes From The Russian Border

In February 2017, I warned that US military exercises conducted with NATO in Orzysz, Poland on the Latvian border near Russia were a harbinger of a coming war. In June 2018, I warned about the construction of a US military installation at Orzysz as a part of Operation Forward Presence, and how placing a major […]

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