Archive | November 6, 2018

The National Socialists Were Filled With Sodomites, Many Used To Dress Up In Women’s Underwear And Take Photos Of Themselves

It is a well-established but seldom discussed historical fact that there was a tremendous amount of overlap between the National Socialists and homosexuality, just as the same applies to the relationship between National Socialism and the worst forms of occultism. This has been discussed here in previous articles (see here and here). There was so […]

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Scientists Create Computer That Says It Can Mimic The Human Brain

Artificial Intelligence is going to be a major trend for the future, and will grow with the increase in supercomputing and so is important to watch. Noting this scientists have now said they have created a computer that mimics the human brain, and is the most advanced of its type according to a report: A […]

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Hindu Terrorists Attack And Severely Beat Seven Christians With Hockey Sticks, Then Call The Police And Have Cases Registered Against The Christians

The hatred for Christ of Hindu terrorists is almost difficult to understand. However, it is real and brazen. In a recent example of this, seven Christians were attacked and severely beaten with hockey sticks by Hindu terrorists, at which point the terrorists called police and registered cases against the Christians according to a report: Seven […]

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79 Christian Schoolchildren Kidnapped In Cameroon Over Separatist Violence

The central African nation of Cameroon has been plunged into violence against, split between English speakers and French speakers vying for power. In a recent attack 79 Christian schoolchildren were abducted as part of the violence according to a report: Prayers are being urged after 79 schoolchildren, along with three staff members, were kidnapped by […]

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