Major Cult Leader Busted For Running Global Human Breeding And Child Farming Operation

There is a strange practice where some people want to enslave women as “human cows”, spend years making them have children (“breeding”), and then once they are “too old” in some cases, to slaughter them in the literal sense and replace them with a new person. This term, called a “hucow,” is a term that has existed for a while, having appeared to originate within anime circles. It significantly grew in popularity beginning around 2013 and since then developed into a separate subculture online that seems to be attracting the interest of some of the youngest millennials and GenZ.

This practice is obviously neither normal nor healthy, but it certainly exists and can have awful consequences. One such example of this practice taken to its disturbing and logical conclusion was with the Brazilian cult leader Joao Texeira de Faria, known as “John of God” who has been arrested for running a global human breeding and child farming operation where he would abduct young girls and forcibly “breed” them in facilities and then sell their babies for money, and after being “bred” for about ten times he would have them murdered and replaced with new women according to a report:

A cult leader known as “John of God” has been accused of running a sex slave farm and selling babies to the highest bidder on the black market.

Joao Teixeira de Faria was arrested a week after over 600 allegations were made against him in what prosecutors say could be the worst serial crimes case in Brazil’s history.

The 77-year-old’s renowned spiritual world crumbled in December after he was accused of sexually abusing a Dutch woman on live TV.

The woman’s claims prompted over 600 similar allegations to arise from around the world from countless women — all of which Faria has denied.

Brazilian activist Sabrina Bittencourt has now sensationally claimed the celebrity medium ran a baby trafficking operation, in which children were “farmed” in Brazil before being sold to childless couples around the world.

Bittencourt’s previous investigations led to the spiritual leader’s arrest in December.

She claimed young girls were held captive in remote farms, where they were forced to produce babies.

She added that the women were murdered after 10 years of giving birth.

Sex slave farm

In a video, Bittencourt, whose organization, Coame, helps women report sexual assault by religious leaders, said she has spoken to women from at least three continents who claimed they bought Brazilian babies from John of God for as much as $50,000, the Mirror reported.

Bittencourt claims she has collected testimony from former members of the “John of God” cult.

She claims Faria would offer money to poor girls aged 14 to 18 to go and live in mineral mines or farms he owns in the Brazilian states of Goias and Minas Gerais.

There they would become sex slaves and be forced to get pregnant and their babies would be sold to the highest bidder from other continents, Bittencourt alleges.

“In exchange for food, they were impregnated and their babies sold on the black market,” she said.

“Hundreds of girls were enslaved over years, lived on farms in Goias, served as wombs to get pregnant, for their babies to be sold.

“These girls were murdered after 10 years of giving birth. We have got a number of testimonies.

“We have received reports from the adoptive mothers of their children that we sold for between $20,000 and $50,000 in Europe, USA and Australia, as well as testimony from ex-workers and local people who are tired of being complicit with John of God’s gang.”

‘My father is a monster’

Bittencourt appealed to others who may have knowledge of Faria’s alleged crimes to come forward.

“I ask that the embassies of Holland, USA and Australia demand impeccable conduct from the Brazilian authorities,” she added.

The Brazilian healer became a prominent spiritual figure in 2010 when Oprah Winfrey visited him and said she almost fainted during the “blissful” encounter.

His popularity and fame began to rise, and soon after, he became the country’s most celebrated faith healer and became renowned around the world.

After his arrest in December, however, Winfrey said in a statement: “I empathize with the women now coming forward and I hope justice is served.”

Among the hundreds of allegations against Faria, his own daughter, Dalva Teixeira, came forward with a shocking statement that she was a victim of her father’s crimes.

In an exclusive interview with Brazilian magazine Veja, she said that under the pretense of mystical treatments he abused and raped her between the ages of 10 and 14.

She claimed he stopped after she became pregnant by one of his employees, after which her father beat her so severely that she suffered a miscarriage.

“My father is a monster,” she said.

After an arrest warrant was issued for him, Faria was on the run for a week.

He allegedly withdrew $9 million from several bank accounts, leading police to believe he was planning to flee Brazil, or hide the money in case of compensation claims.

Investigators also found firearms and large quantities of cash in a house used by Faria as a spiritual retreat.

He eventually handed himself in on Dec. 16, telling officers: “I surrendered to divine justice — and, as promised, I now place myself in the hands of earthly justice.”

Faria has been charged with two counts of rape and two counts of statutory rape, as detectives continue to look into the abuse claims. (source, source)

As I have repeatedly emphasized, things like this should not surprise people because they first appear in the private thoughts of men. What begins inside the inner sanctuary of the person can eventually work its way into the physical world of reality. It is why Jesus said that what a man says makes him unclean, not what he eats, because it is out of the mouth that the heart speaks, and why Jesus advises that one must clean the inside of one’s own cup in order that the outside may be clean.

Where does one think this “hucow” operation come from? It did not drop from the sky. It did not just “manifest” out of nothing like scammers such as this person would claim, but came from within him. He wanted this, and it is because either he dreamed it up by his or another unnatural and evil force, or he saw something like this and said “I like this, I want to do this,” or some combination of both.

One cannot look inside a man’s mind, just like one cannot go into the house of another man without permission and see what he thinks. However, one can get a very good idea of him by looking through his trash.

For example, if I see a trash bag full of wrappers for fast and easy food, stuff with lots of heavy milk or butter, and maybe some medicine bottles, I can reasonably guess the person is fat, unhealthy, and probably smells terrible. I would likely be right based on the profile I developed from his trash. By contrast, if I see a trash bin full of fruit and vegetable remains, cottage cheese, and some vitamin bottles, I can guess this person is probably either in good shape or likes to work out in some way, or is trying to get in good shape. Just as before, I would likely be correct based upon the profile I developed from his trash.

Human beings leave trash wherever we go. This is true even of ancient times, and some very important archaeological finds about our past come from what has been later determined to be trash.

The kind of trash that one produces tells a lot about a person. Likewise, as I have stated before, if people want to consume intellectual trash (in the form of pornography), the kind of trash they consume tells a lot about that person and in the case of a society, that society.

There are certain things in a society that cannot be hidden, be they physical or metaphysical. Trash is one of them. Physical trash stinks, attracts bugs, and leaks and so cannot be long hidden before it is discovered. Metaphysical trash manifests through thought, speech, and behavior patterns, of which lust is the most immediately disgusting and vilest type of such trash.

“John of God” did not come out of nothing, and neither did his ideas. Given that the things which practiced- the human farming and “breeding” operations -are either maintaining popularity or growing in popularity not only in the US, but around the world, and given the decline of Christianity and rise of paganism, this is something that should not be ignored, but watched because not only could it happen again, but it could be representative of a sinister reality that is right before us but goes ignored by design.