Archive | February 26, 2019

UK Police Arrest Christian Man On “Racism” Charges For Preaching The Bible After Muslim Man Curses At Him And Reports Him To Police

A Christian street preacher in the UK was arrested on charges of “racism” for preaching the Gospel after a Muslim man cursed at him and then reported him to police according to a report: A Christian preacher this afternoon was arrested at Southgate station London N14 for preaching about Jesus . @CConcern the police told […]

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Major Counter Jihad Website Admits That China Is At Best Delusional And Will Likely Get Crushed Like A Bug In A Major War

The Gatestone Institute is a counter jihad front website with a history of promoting the very nationalism that has warned will be used to bring the world to war. But in according to an interesting article from them about China, they note that China’s attempts to expand her sphere of influence are based on […]

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The Treatment Of Jeffrey Epstein Versus Robert Kraft Is Absolutely Telling About What Matters To Police Departments

The announcement of Robert Kraft’s arrest for prostitution in Florida has claimed to have brought about a renewed interest among police in businesses fronting as establishments for such actions because of money according to a report from USA Today: Large parts of the investigation into what officials say are illicit spas and paid-sex operations represent […]

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