The Archbishop’s Annual Appeal Is An Excellent Way To Compel Catholic Bishops To Address The Sodomite Abuse Crisis

Each year in the Catholic Church, there is something called the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal. This is an appeal by the bishop of each diocese to solicit funds that go directly to the diocese as opposed to the local parish, and are used to fund special and important projects. Many of these projects are good things, and the charity helps a lot of people in need.

Unfortunately, the good work of many, many dioceses has been blocked by the evil actions of sodomite priests and either sodomite bishops or those who would protect sodomite abusers in the Church. It does not matter the reason why, because it is a known and well-established fact that the sodomite issue is the center of almost all of the abuse in the Catholic Church.

However, there is very little that the average Catholic can do to stop this. One cannot stop going to Church, because one does not go to Church for the bishops or priests, but the Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist and the fact that extra ecclesiam nunca sallus est. The issue of the Church is one of salvation or damnation, and one must not risk destroying one’s soul on the basis of evil men within her.

However, this still does not answer the fundamental question, which is how to cleanse the sodomite infection from the wounds of the Church, which necessarily involves the resignation and likely stripping of some of them of their clerical faculties.

I propose here a response to the crisis. It is not a new one in essence, but hopefully if enough people do this, it will force a diocesan reaction that will at least make them admit, in a tangible sense, that the refusal of the bishops to deal with the sodomite issue has a physical impact on them.

This involves three things:


1. DENY the local diocese ANY contribution.

2) TELL them why, which is the failure of the diocese to deal with the sodomite issue.

3) SHOW them how much you would have donated if this problem did not exist.

Keep the message simple, and I recommend the following text, written all in CAPITAL letters:


 THIS IS WHAT I WOULD HAVE CONTRIBUTED (checking a box of the amount you would have donated and with an arrow pointing to the amount)


You can see my own example from the appeal form that the parish I attended this past Sunday asked us to fill out:

DON’T be rude, insulting, or vulgar. “Sodomite” is the perfect word to use because it is a Biblical word that accurately captures the source of many problems in the Church today, and it is a word that will upset the sodomites and bring the attention of the bishop.

DON’T lie. Fill in the parts you want to, and if you want to put a name, just write “anonymous parishioner”

DON’T be dishonest. Fill out one per church just as the bishops request. The truth needs no explanation or falsehood to aid its mission.

DON’T be afraid, if you have already “pledged” to the diocese, to withdraw your pledge on the basis of the reason above.

I cannot emphasize enough that this is NOT about revenge, or trying to “hurt” the Church in any way. If you do not understand this, you should not do it.

The reason I recommend this is because as Philip Lawler famously pointed out in his monumental book The Faithful Departed: The Collapse of Boston’s Catholic Culture, the Church in the USA has been operated like a business for too long, where power and money take priority over the good of the faithful and even the proclamation of morality in the face of grave evils.

The monies of the church are not there by accident. They come from the contributions of the faithful, meaning people like you and I.

The best way to get the attention of such worldly bishops, or bishops who are afraid to address the crisis, is to deny them the funds they need to run their dioceses and projects.

In this way, the laity has the power to exercise an arm of force against these bishops and to make them choose who they serve. It is the Church and the faithful, or their sodomite friends in the hierarchy.

Send this around. Take an example from it. Do not present it as a vengeful act, but as one of love.

We love our Church and we genuinely care for her and want her objective good. She is very sick right now because she has been left to the care of sodomites, whose parasitic actions are sucking the life from her.

There is little the laity can do, but this is something that is possible.

Jesus said that a man cannot serve God and money. If the God of too many in the hierarchy has become money, then make them choose between getting money in the hope that they will repent and turn back to God, or to serve their sodomite friends on the way to perdition.