Chinese Government Pursues Major Crackdown Against Catholic Church In Northeastern China

The Qiqihar diocese is located in Heilongjiang province, China’s northeasternmost province and the most important industrial region for the Communist country. The Catholic Church has a notable presence there and has for well over a century. However, following China’s persecution of the Church and all forms of Christianity, the government has moved to suppress seven churches and to do so even in the middle of mass according to a report:

At least seven churches and their communities have been suppressed in recent months in the diocese of Qiqihar, Heilongjiang province. The Qiqihar bishop, Giuseppe Wei Jingyi is recognized by the Holy See, but not by the government.

According to Asia News, in the last few months, members of the United Front Department, police, representatives of the Religious Affairs Bureau entered the churches while mass was being celebrated, interrupted the liturgical services, chased the faithful away, and threatened them and decreed the closure of the communities. The priests were asked to leave the territory if they did not want to be forcibly expelled. All these churches are not sanctioned by the government.

Noteworthy is that all the suppression began shortly after the signing of the provisional agreement between China and the Vatican (September 22) and the pardon of the excommunicated official bishop of the area, Giuseppe Yue Fushen of Harbin.

Also, although Bishop Wei is an underground bishop, he has enjoyed good relations with the authorities. The dynamics of the crackdown reflect the implementation of the revised regulations for religious activities (launched in February 2018), which serves as the basis for the eliminating the underground Church.

For local Catholics, the government’s behaviors violate their most basic rights, freedom, and faith. The methods used by many government officials trample on the rights of citizens and are strongly disrespectful of the sacredness of places of worship.

Local Catholics have expressed their disappointment to their pastors, priests and bishops. They are very furious about the fact that government officials apply the law in an arbitrary manner, even without the directives of the central government. Beijing is implementing a policy of repression of the underground community, and this has caused great anger and a serious internal conflict among the Catholics. (source)

As noted above, this province is critical to China’s infrastructure as economic prowess. It is also the same area that Japan desires and has consistently invaded throughout history, including as recently as World War II.

It is true that the Church as many problems. However, the fact that the Chinese government has moved to aggressively persecute the Church in China and this region, desiring to exterminate religion and assert the government as a veritable “god,” is also a sign of punishment coming to China. Just as Germany and Turkey are the scourges of God in the West, it is the Japanese who are the scourge of God in the East, and if the Chinese government wants to insist upon promoting atheism and attacking Christianity, it should not be a surprise if eventually their historical enemy of Japan will return and do what they always do, which is to invade and enslave China and ignore their cries for pity.