Evil Drug Cartels Film Themselves Dismembering Four Men Alive With Farm Equipment

The horrors of the drug cartels are continuing without cessation in Mexico. In a recent video, four men were executed on film, being dismembered alive with farm equipment to the sound of Spanish-language rap music:

In the same place there are around 4 more men who are on their knees, tied hand and foot and covered with their eyes. The message that these men give is addressed to all those grasshoppers of La Huasteca, extortionists and cons. In the message they mention that it is the last warning they will give to “Potro” Fernández Martínez, Yahir Arévalo “El Canelo” Ariel Arévalo “El Arabe”, Argenis, Eduardo Guzmán “Topo”, “Pandora and” Pocholo “.

Since they claim that in that territory there is only the Shadow Group and no one else, At the end of the message that lasts no more than 2 minutes the hooded begin to shoot the men who are kneeling and begin to beat them with the weapons they have until they These lose their lives. (source)

If you have not watched Ted’s documentary Hell Across The Border about the influence of Mexican drug cartels and the terror they inflict upon Mexico, you need to watch it now because it will provide you with vital insights and exclusive interviews about the situation with the infamous drug cartels.

The situation with Mexico and the drug wars is easy to understand and not complicated, but more detailed than simply “build the wall” because “bad democrats” want to “give jobs to illegals” instead of “patriotic Americans.”

The situation with Mexico is that:

-The drug cartels were created and still maintained as a part of CIA black operations. This has been known since the 1970s.

-Minimum wage in the USA is equal to years and sometimes decades of wages in certain Central American countries

-The American agribusiness industry admits they rely on illegal workers because they are happy with what would be very low pay for an American, and without such low pay their farms would economically collapse.

-American Evangelical Protestants support many of the drug cartels in the name of “evangelism”

-Politicians love the illegal issue because they use it as a justification for their pet policies since neither party, Republican or Democrat, cares at all about the welfare of the people but how they can use them for their personal gain.

Now having considered these facts, place yourself in the “shoes” of the average person on the ground who simply wants to live in his life, is not tied to the cartels, and wants no part of this but is forced to be around them due to circumstances beyond his control. This accurately describes the situation of many people in the Americas.

If you knew that you had the chance to get away from this forever, would you take it?

Of course you would.

Why else does one think that so many people from Central America want to come to the USA after looking at this video? Nobody in their right mind wants to be around this violence, a violence that as I noted, was generated in large part by foreign policy moves for the gain of a few at the loss of the many.

I do not say there cannot be laws enforcing border controls. Countries have a right to regulate migration and laws exist for a reason. However, immigration policy in the US is currently unjust not because of the rule of law, but because the government intentionally breaks its own laws and then used the breaks it has allowed as a way to leverage social and political support for other policies while at the same time using illegal immigration to subsidize large sectors of the economy, in particular mass agriculture which is used as a tool of US domestic and foreign policy. When one factors into that the incredible violence that is taking place, one must ask the question: is this an “army” of “invaders”, or it is people fleeing for their lives and those of their families? Given the US involvement in generating the repeated political crises in Central America that have brought about massive movements of people, does not the US, from an objective moral perspective and as would be applied to any other nation, have even a minuscule responsibility for the peoples whose lives were destroyed in the name of pursuing geopolitical objectives?