Going To Cancun Anytime Soon May Be A Very Bad Idea

Cancun is the American vacation paradise in Mexico where many people but especially college students go to on Spring Break to indulge themselves in their hedonistic impulses. However, Cancun has become increasingly dangerous as I have noted because major drug cartels are moving into the area (see here and here for recent stories). According to another recent story, drug cartels are now moving into tourist areas in Cancun and are showing off their weapons:

The tourist letters located in different parts of the republic are one of the places to which hundreds of tourists go every day to take a souvenir of the places.

Who visit; however, on this occasion, an armed group gave them a different meaning, since they were recorded with them to show the area they have controlled. Recently a video was viralized in which at least seven hooded men, with long guns and a couple of ostentatious vehicles posed in the tourist letters of Guamúchil, Sinaloa. An unknown subject exhibited that they ‘put order’ in the area:

Good morning, have all of you. We find the convoy that puts the order in the thread. There is the Armando, the Vato is very warlike. There is the Highlander of the terror of Commander Guacho. Here is a fist of war, take a pedito “. The material, recorded in the street of Guamúchil Railway, generated a wave of comments, in which Internet users lamented the degree of cartel interference in Sinaloa.

After the popularity reached by the video, the state authorities took action on the matter, and Jaime David Silva García, police director, reported that they are investigating the facts to find the criminal group that played the material.

Silva Garcia explained that it was an isolated event, and also informed that they will look for events that do not happen again, so he reaffirmed the research work of other agencies and the Army, with the goal that tourist areas such as Guamúchil be safe. (source)

I do not pretend to predict the future, but this news event is a strong indication that Americans should stay out of Cancun, and not just because the cartels are there, but because of what may happen and the possible political implications.

Consider the following facts.

-We know that the US government was going to murder her own citizens using CIA agents posing as Cuban terrorists to start a war with Cuba. This plan, called Operation Northwoods, was stopped by President Kennedy.

-We know that the drug cartels are directly connected to CIA operations in Central America and have been ever since their inception decades ago.

-We know that the upcoming year is an election year.

-We know that the “build the wall” rallying cry has been used to bolster support for American nationalism and xenophobia at home.

-We know that Spring Break is coming up, when hordes of drug and scantily clad college students cavort about the town, engaging in alcohol-fueled foolish behavior descend upon the town.


Now, knowing these facts, consider the following scenario.

Spring Break 2019 comes, and suddenly one or several of these college students are kidnapped by a drug cartel. Before people know what is happening, a video appears of the students beside men in hoods holding cuernos de chivo and ominously threatening millions of dollars in ransom or else a horrible death. The video goes viral on the Internet.

Can you imagine the response?

Now this is just for a kidnapping. Given how these cartels are known for raping, torturing, and murdering people on camera in the most horrible ways possible while mocking them in Spanish, can one imagine what would happen if say, some blonde college girl named Emma was violently raped on camera before being dismembered alive, and all the while she was screaming there was some fat Mexican sicario laughing at her while carrying out her torture and saying “Ch*nga tu madre, gringa p*ta?”

It would be a golden opportunity for Trump. His popularity would surge, there would be calls to “build the wall”- Emma’s wall they would call it. There would be anti-immigrant attacks against random “Mexican-looking” people, and a bunch of opportunistic Republicans declaring “This is why I am for the wall UNLIKE THOSE AWFUL DEMOCRATS.” The Democrat Party, given that as I have stated it appears they are “throwing” the 2020 election intentionally, would speak in a way so to be anti-xenophobic but would refuse to per se aggressively and strongly condemn the attack, which would be an opportunity for the “conservatives” to say “See, Democrats want blonde girls get raped by Mexican illegal drug terrorists and then defend the terrorists, this is why you have to vote for Trump.”

It would ensure a 2020 Trump Presidential victory.

Now this does not have to happen as described above. It could be another tourist at another time. It could be a different place. It could be a man. It could be a person of a different age. It could be a group of people. It could be a different form of torture or death, or perhaps no death at all. There may or may not be a video. It could be an entirely different series of events and actions. Anything is possible so long as it is able to generate significant public outrage. The point is not to wish for any of this in any form at all, but to point out a pattern of actions that is highly concerning and to place such concerns into the context of past behavior.

Again, I want to stress that I am not saying this will happen, nor do I wish for it to happen. I am saying that there are certain patterns and events that are very concerning, and given how US-Mexican relations are a political issue and given the history of the drug cartels, that one should be highly cautious and consider vacationing in a different location. One goes on vacation to relax and refresh, not to become a victim of political manipulation for temporary Internet fame as one watches another man die in a video whose purpose is to cause outrage, and while other politicians benefit with votes before going to their steak dinners and cocktail parties.