Evil Narco Cartel Interrogates A Woman, Then Takes A Small Knife And Beheads Her Just Like ISIS Did

When ISIS made the famous video of “Jihadi John” beheading of journalist James Foley, the news was broadcast everywhere and people were made to see the horror of the crime, as they should.

However, these things happen in Mexico all of the time, such as a recent case where a Mexican woman was beheaded ISIS-style after a brutal interrogation:

In January, images of an event full of brutality circulated, in which three men belong to the so-called Grupo Sombra, with links to the Gulf Cartel.

They are interrogating a woman while they beat her, to finally sever her head. This is the alleged Commander Paty, whom they say is responsible for some kidnappings carried out in the municipalities of the state of Veracruz for the Los Zetas Cartel. According to the media, the video of its execution was broadcast on social networks.

In the footage you can see the alleged woman belonging to the group of Los Zetas, while three men with hood and bulletproof vest with the acronym Special Forces Grupo Sombra (FEGS) are beating and interrogating the female, stating that she has planned kidnappings in the municipalities of Ozumala, Pánuco and Tuxpan.

In the scene full of indescribable horror, the woman can be heard to affirm that she does not regret anything she has done and recounts everything she knows about the organization for which she works; all while two of the alleged assassins strike Patty mercilessly. The third man refers:

With the Grupo Sombra they are not going to play, let alone pretend to be one of us. ”

In the last scene, the woman appears on the floor, face down and blindfolded, at which point one of the alleged members of the Shadow Group takes her head, takes out a knife and decapitates her. His body was found days later abandoned in a garbage bag.

The aforementioned criminal organization operates in the states of Veracruz, Hidalgo, Tamaulipas and San Luis Potosí and is in dispute with Los Zetas and the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG).

In early January, the Attorney General’s Office reported that several members of the Sombra Group were detained by elements of the Ministry of Public Security for the crimes of kidnapping, extortion and homicide. (source)

Yet where is the outcry, other than BUILD THE WALL?

Why is this not news, and why have there been no serious efforts to manage it? For example, there has been a tremendous amount of focus on Venezuela, but the fact is that Venezuela, in spite of her problems, is a rather wealthy and to a large extent, successful country in South America. She is, for all intensive purposes, similar to what Libya was for North Africa under Muammar Gaddhafi.

Mexico is right on the US border. She is a US neighbor in the direct sense, and these ISIS-style murders are happening every day in her, yet there is complete silence. Even in the US, the cartels are already here, and are committing similar Aztec-style murders.

In 2016, Shoebat.com produced a film entitled “Hell across the Border,” which documented the horrors of the drug cartels that have turned Mexico into one of the most dangerous nations on Earth. Drug cartel terrorism is everywhere and the killers are as or more ruthless than those of ISIS, with all that distinguished them is place and affiliations in terms of the level of violence. Yet while ISIS is veritably no more, each day an average of 57 people are murdered by the cartels and the number continues to rise.

It is a proven fact that the drug conflict generates a lot of profits for government “black operations” and those who cooperate with them– hence why the wall will NEVER be built just as why there are major banks all along the US-Mexican border, as they are involved in laundering drug money. It gives a “reason” for US interference in Central American affairs, not to mention providing the drug fix to Americans which they so desperately ask for.

In a financial sense, “everybody wins,” with the only losers being the common people whose lives, such as the man above, are reduced to that of cattle and are slaughtered at will for the gain of a few at the expense of the many.

The public rightly is upset about ISIS and Islamic terrorism. However, when the same style of terrorist attacks are happening almost daily in one’s own backyard and there is almost no acknowledgement of it, one must ask if there is more to the situation happening than what one sees on the surface. Indeed, building a wall cannot help with intentional malice committed from within one’s own walls, as even the strongest of walls is as only as good as the vigilance of the guards at the gates. One only needs to ask the inhabitants of ancient Troy.