Archive | March 23, 2019

Man Arrested For Attempting To Stab Priest To Death While Saying Mass

Vlad Christian Eremia, a man of what appears to be Romanian descent, has been charged with attempting to stab a Catholic priest to death while he said mass according to a report: A man was charged in Montreal court this afternoon in connection with the stabbing of a priest during a mass at Saint Joseph’s […]

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Police Charge American Hero With Felony Assault For Attacking And Beating Up Sodomite He Caught IN THE ACT Of Sexually Abusing A Five-Year-Old Boy

Heroes have many forms and faces, but all of them seek to do what is right. Take the case of 20-year-old Richard Adams. He caught an unnamed 17-year-old man in the act of sexually abusing a five-year-old child. He attacked the perpetrator and beat him up, stopping the assault. When the police arrived, they arrested […]

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French Government Authorizes Military To Shoot Yellow Vest Protesters

The infamous “gilet jaunets” are causing much trouble throughout France. While many people are speaking of them as “populist” movement, the reality is that they are tied to elites throughout Europe, including the fact that they are directly backed by the Italian government. These people are not here to help society, but to revive the […]

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