Archive | March 16, 2019

Sodomite Deliberately Infects Other Sodomites With HIV For Fun And Then Publicly Makes Fun Of His Evil Actions

In April 2018, we reported on the case of a man in the UK who deliberated infected other sodomites with HIV. More has since come out from that story, as the man who did the crimes would mock his victims and brag how he gave them HIV and it would destroy their lives: Lenny, an […]

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Major Pro-Nationalist News Outlet Released A Story About Falling Birth Rates At Almost The Exact Same Time The New Zealand Mosque Shooter Published His Manifesto About Falling Birth Rates And Then Went On His Murder Rampage

The circumstances surrounding the New Zealand mosque shooter are very suspicious and seem to indicate a larger matter than even the apparent horrors of what one saw. Among the many points that the “shooter” made in his “Manifesto,” which he released online and you can read here, he talked extensively of falling birth rates and […]

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Christian Student Suspended For Posting Bible Verses In School After Seeing Sodomite Propaganda

An important theme for the future is going to be the criminalization of Christianity through the enforcement of provisions which support the LGBT. Such a case happened recently where a teenager was suspended from school for posting Bible verses in response to pro-LGBT flyers in the school according to a report: A Christian high school […]

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