Archive | March 1, 2019

Irish Government Tells Catholic Hospitals To Stop Being Catholic And Get Rid Of Religious Symbols, May Demand They Perform Abortions As Well

Since Ireland legalized abortion, she has moved with full force against the Catholic Church and by extension, Christianity as a whole. According to a recent declaration from the Irish government, they have told Catholic hospitals to stop being Catholic and get rid of religious symbols, and are considering forcing these hospitals to perform abortions or […]

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Hindu Nationalists Unite With Indian Maoists To Persecute And Behead Convert To Christianity

There is much discussion in the west today about the struggle between “communism” or “socialism” versus “nationalism.” However, all are of the same ultimate philosophical strain, which is socialism through the way of darwinism. It is no different from the previous century with Hitler’s National Socialism or Lenin’s International Socialism/Communism, because both put people into […]

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