Northern Ireland Soccer Fans Caught Singing “We Hate Catholics” On Video

For many years, Catholics and Protestants in Ireland fought, with the former in the south and the latter in the UK-governed north. While the fighting has generally subsided for now, the centuries-long tensions rooted in ethnicity and nationalism going back to the days of the Protestant Revolution still persist and could explode at any time.

In a recent story from Ireland, a group of people at a pub in Northern Ireland were caught on video singing “we hate Catholics”:

A video of Northern Irish soccer fans singing “we hate Catholics” has been widely condemned.

On Twitter, Piarais Mac Alastair shared the video in a tweet which has now gotten more than 2 thousand likes on Monday, March 25.

The 20-second video features a group of people dancing and singing “We hate Catholics, everybody hates Roman Catholics” along to the tune of Tiffany’s ‘I Think We’re Alone Now.’

MLA Naomi Long, Alliance Party Leader & East Belfast Assembly Member, was among those who replied to Mac Alastair’s tweet asking to verify where and when the video came from.

Mac Alastair replied that the video was taken in a Belfast pub on Sunday evening

Mac Alastair also clarified that he was not the one who took the video but rather it was sent to him by a friend.

Long replied shortly thereafter urging the PSNI to respond

The video was circulated online after Northern Ireland’s 2-1 victory over Belarus in the European Championship Qualifier at Windsor Park on March 24.

Northern Ireland Football Association replied directly to Mac Alastair’s tweet saying the song was “utterly wrong:”

The Belfast Telegraph reports that an Irish FA spokesperson said: “The Irish FA condemns sectarianism of any kind.”

“The chanting in the video was wrong and if those involved can be identified, the Association will work to ensure that they are prevented from getting tickets for Northern Ireland matches.” (source, source)

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