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Cannibal Frat Boy Who Ate Man’s Face Off In Public Was Obsessed With Satanism And Cannibalism, Claims That He Saw Demons And Believed He Was Jesus

The 2016 case of Austin Harrouff horrified the nation as the then college student and fraternity member attacked an ate a man’s face off in public while growling. The investigation has continued, and it has since come out that in the time leading up to the attack, he was obsessed with satanism and cannibalism. He […]

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Over Nine Thousand Churches In Canada Will Close In The Next Ten Years

Christianity has been in decline in Canada as atheism, secularism, and other religions increase in popularity among the people, and it is showing its effects on society. Currently there are over 27,000 churches in Canada, and according to a recent report, one third of those churches, or about 9,000, will close in the next ten […]

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Why So Many Jews Support Nazism

By Theodore & Walid Shoebat INTRODUCTION SALVATION IS OF THE JEWS Why is Jerusalem in the Bible called Sodom and Egypt (Revelation 11:8)? Because Israel — the Jews — have embraced homosexuality — Sodom — and infanticide — the evil of Pharaoh when he murdered God’s children.  The Salvation of mankind was brought forward through a line […]

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