Archive | April 26, 2019

Police And Islamic Terrorists Battle At ‘Suicide Vest Factory’ In Sri Lanka

In a developing story, police and Islamic terrorists battled at a ‘suicide vest factory’ in Sri Lanka according to a report: An explosion rocked Sri Lanka as police opened fire at a suicide vest factory during a raid on suspected terrorists linked to the Easter Sunday massacre. Shooting erupted between security forces and a group […]

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Trump’s Dictatorial Behaviors Are Setting A Dangerous Precedent For The Future

President Trump has showed dangerous and dictatorial behavior again, saying that if he is impeached, he will go “directly to the Supreme Court” according to a report: President Donald Trump said Wednesday he’ll go directly to the U.S. Supreme Court “if the partisan Dems” ever try to impeach him. But Trump’s strategy could run into […]

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Millenials Are Broke And Dependent, And Gen Z Is About To Follow In Their Path

It is a known fact that Millennials are broke and dependent on their parents for help. According to a recent survey, over fifty percent of parents are sacrificing or have sacrificed their retirement to help their adult children: As young Americans drown in debt, growing numbers of parents have been footing the bill for their […]

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