Archive | April 10, 2019

Chinese Government Uses White Nationalist Terrorist Brenton Tarrant As A Justification To Round Up Muslims And Put Them In Death Camps

The Chinese government has done many horrible things to people for following religion regardless of what the religion is. Christians are being persecuted alongside Muslims by the atheist terrorists who are in charge in Beijing, and they are even harvesting organs in death camps in some areas. Now in proving the veracity of the statement […]

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Is The Sodomite “King Of Cocks” Is Preparing The Way For The Woman Of Sin?

Truth is stranger than fiction, and this is no truer than with the current presidential elections, where the Democrats are putting forth candidates that clearly cannot with. The current favorite being heavily promoted is the sodomite Pete Buttigieg, an open sodomite whose last name, Maltese in origin, comes from the Arabic “Abu Ad-Dajjaj,” meaning “father […]

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UK Companies Are Now Using AI To Monitor Their Workers Down To The Minute

Companies are known for tracking the “productivity” of their employees sometimes with extreme means. However, the rise of supercomputing and artificial intelligence has allowed this to be amplified many times, as now some businesses are using artificial intelligence to monitor “productivity” of employees down to the minute: Dozens of UK business owners are using artificial […]

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