Archive | April 5, 2019

Statue Of The Blessed Virgin Beheaded Outside Of California Church

Violence against Christians and the presence of Christianity is going to rise in the US as the rejection of God increased. In a story out of California, a statue of the Blessed Virgin outside of a Catholic Church was beheaded according to a report: A vandal appears to be targeting Catholic churches in Pomona Valley, […]

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Godlessness Rises 266% In Three Decades In The USA

It is said that America is “one nation under God,” but that is increasingly less so than before. In the past thirty years, agnosticism or atheism has exploded, now making up the beliefs of almost one quarter of Americans. Christians constitute now a mere 56% of the total population, and the numbers are still declining […]

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Hundreds Of Persecuted Christians In The US May Be Deported Back To The Middle East

Christians lived in Iraq and Syria since the time of Christ. They have survived many empires and political upheavals, including fourteen centuries of domination by Islam. However, they could not even survive fourteen years of American occupation, as the US invasion of the region annihilated the Christians of Iraq to the point of extinction. Some […]

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