Polish General Says That Nuclear Strikes Against Russia Are “Reasonable” If Russia Invades- But There Is A Catch

With the talk of nuclear war heating up between the US and Russia, many people are concerned that it may become a reality. A retired Polish army commander recently contributed to this discussion, saying that nuclear strikes against Russia would be “reasonable” if the Russian invaded Poland according to Russia Today:

War and soldiering were never far from the retired Polish army commander’s mind as he talked US nuclear strikes in response to Russia’s imaginary invasion and complained that NATO’s eastern European buildup was not enough.

Waldemar Skrzypczak, who led Poland’s Land Forces until 2009, seems to have joined the chorus of the West’s most belligerent military leaders who have seized on the “Russian threat” to make their case. Speaking to Wirtualna Polska, he claimed Poland has become a bulwark against the “aggression from the East.”

It is likely to become a scene of potential clashes between NATO and Russia, and this is why the alliance must realize that Poland “is an extremely important state from a strategic point of view,” the high-ranked retiree insisted.

Russia is now “the greatest concern of the free world,” and no army in Europe is a match for “the Russian war machine.” That said, there is only one thing left that could avert the imminent danger.

“It is true that the Americans vowed nuclear attacks to stop the Red Army in Poland,” Skrzypczak said, in an apparent reference to the days of the Cold War.

Such an outcome is “unacceptable” for Poland but if an all-out war breaks out, “nobody will ask our opinion,” the former general said. Going back to reality, he acknowledged that the worst thing that could happen to Poland is its isolation “as a result of our own political mistakes.”

“To say that Poland alone will be able to resist the aggression of Russia is a cheap populism that none of our allies treat seriously,” Skrzypczak argued.

Over the past few years, Poland has seen no foreign military activity on its soil aside from a massive military buildup initiated by NATO. The 29-member bloc sent sizeable land and air force contingents from the US, the UK, Germany and others to Poland as well as Baltic states, in addition to building sophisticated military infrastructure there.

Poland, after Romania, will host the US-built Aegis Ashore land-based missile defense system, which covers all of western Russia. It also held an array of war games last year, with the two-week Saber Strike being the largest. The buildup did not go well, with some Poles who took part in numerous anti-war rallies in Warsaw and beyond.

According to the Russian military, NATO has tripled its assets on Russia’s western borders over the past five years. Moscow has repeatedly warned that an increased NATO presence on its doorstep undermines stability in Europe and heightens the risk of a military confrontation. (source, source)

But there is a catch- Skrzypczak’s comment’s were made in September 2018- almost six months ago. One can read the full article (in Polish) here.

Why is RT reporting on this, as it objectively is “old news” that was already know about?

The answer is simple- because of forming a military justification for nuclear war in the future.

The US and her allies are currently planning for a war which will involve Russia, as it is an extension of the post-World War II plans and those up to the current day, in particular Operation Gladio and her sister plan of the Decline of Russia project, both things we have written on and you can read in the Shoebat archives. This is also why there is an obsessive focus on Russia from all political parties, news media, industry and academia, because they represent different fronts of the same general plan.

The Russians know this well, and are preparing for it in several ways. Part of this includes a “turning in” that she often does, with the promotion of Russian nationalism and, just as the US and her allies do, threats of war from other nations to justify militarism.

Poland doesn’t stand a chance against Russia and both nations know it. This is the reason why, regardless of one’s opinions on the matter, she is inviting the US to build a military based in Olsztyn, which is near the Russian-held enclave of Kaliningrad. Historically speaking, when the Germans and the Russians fight, as they often do, Poland is the field on which the two do battle. She is going to get caught in the crossfire regardless of whether or not she wants to, and so by siding with the US and Germany she is attempting to minimize what she knows will already be a significant amount of damage that will be inflicted upon her, and also because of the recent history being under the influence of the Soviet Union for almost seven decades, which caused significant damage to her.

The Russians know very well that Poland cannot stop her, and that the real threat is the combined US-German-Turkish axis at her borders, let alone the threat of the Japanese in the east. The Russians are not going to give any excuse to allow herself to be attacked because they are weak and suffering from many serious internal problems. This is why the Russians have acted with extreme measure in Syria and other nations, because the US wants to provoke her to respond so that she might have an excuse to bring about a greater conflict.

At the same time, the Russians also have to prepare for a war. To justify a return to militarism, they are using the threat of nuclear strikes by Poland in order to say that it is a reason why Russia should revive her nuclear capabilities.

Curiously, this statement about Poland and the “nuclear threat” comes at a time when, as the Moscow Times reports, there is discussion of ending the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, and how doing so would give Russia an excuse to manufacture nuclear weapons:

The demise of the only U.S.-Russia arms control pact limiting deployed nuclear weapons would make it harder for each to gauge the other’s intentions, giving both incentives to expand their arsenals, according to a study to be released on Monday.

The expiration of the New START accord also may undermine faith in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which calls on nuclear states such as the United States and Russia to work toward nuclear disarmament, as well as influence China’s nuclear posture, historically one of restraint.

The study, produced by the CNA Corp nonprofit research group and seen by Reuters, is the most comprehensive public examination to date of the consequences of New START’s demise. It argues for extending the 2011 treaty, which expires in February 2021 but can be extended for five years if both sides agree.

The Trump administration is deliberating whether to extend the pact, which President Donald Trump has reviled as a bad deal and his national security adviser, John Bolton, has long opposed. Russia has said it is prepared to extend New START but wants to discuss what it regards as U.S. violations first.

The State Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the administration’s deliberations. (source, source)

This is the reason why Russia Today reported on news that is six months old as though it was new- because they are attempting to use it as a justification to build nukes.

For those who have been paying attention, this is why it is counsel to the wise to stay out of politics for the next decade, and to focus on self-improvement and self-development.

There is a serious world war that is likely going to happen in the future. There is calm now, but it is when there is such calm that one must pay attention the most, for that is often when the “ground falls out” from underneath one’s feet.

War is coming. It is unlikely that the US will be spared this time. It is better that one spends one’s time learning skills and getting ready for the inevitable rather than partaking in fruitless arguments.

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