Chinese Government Uses White Nationalist Terrorist Brenton Tarrant As A Justification To Round Up Muslims And Put Them In Death Camps

The Chinese government has done many horrible things to people for following religion regardless of what the religion is. Christians are being persecuted alongside Muslims by the atheist terrorists who are in charge in Beijing, and they are even harvesting organs in death camps in some areas. Now in proving the veracity of the statement “politics makes strange bedfellows,” the Chinese government has done just that by defending the white nationalist terrorist Brenton Tarrant who murdered dozens of Muslims in New Zealand by saying that his actions are the reason why the Chinese government needs to round up Muslims in mass and put them into death camps, in order to protect them from men such as Tarrant:

The Chinese government took its latest swing at justifying re-education camps for Muslims, and aggressive efforts to subdue all religious faith, in a letter to the Wall Street Journal published Tuesday.
China cited the Christchurch massacre in New Zealand to justify pervasive surveillance and gigantic detention centers for Muslims, arguing such methods are necessary to prevent violent friction between ethnic and religious groups.

The government of Muslim-heavy Xinjiang province claimed its heavy-handed methods were necessary to make Xinjiang safe for investment and commerce, which in turn offer the only long-term solution to unrest among the Uighur minority.

The latest technique Beijing is using to steamroller the Uighurs involves literal steamrollers: a “community redevelopment” project in the city of Urumqi that looks suspiciously like ethnic cleansing. The Chinese are razing the ancient city to the ground, wiping out hundreds of mosques, restaurants serving traditional food, and bookstores selling Uighur literature.

The parts of Urumqi not dismantled entirely are littered with cameras, biometric scanners, and police checkpoints, turning the city into a huge prison. When the WSJ asked about Urumqi, the Chinese essentially responded that residents should be thankful for all the money invested to modernize their city and improve its infrastructure.

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