Man And His Son Sell Diseased Organs From Dead Bodies On The Black Market

A man and his son were arrested for selling diseased organs on the black market according to a report:

Two Illinois men sold human remains and falsely told buyers on multiple occasions that the cadavers had tested negative for diseases, federal prosecutors in Michigan said in court documents filed last week.

Donald Greene Sr. has been charged with wire fraud and his son — Donald Greene II — knew about the scheme but failed to report it, the charges say. The Illinois men were associated with Biological Resource Center of Rosemont, Illinois, a company that sold human remains.

In one case, Greene Sr. sold remains that had tested positive for hepatitis to the Detroit Medical Center in a 2013, prosecutors allege.

The goal of the scheme was to “profit from payments made by customers who were unaware that they either received remains that had tested positive for serious infectious diseases or were unable to be tested for these diseases,” the charges state.

“Body brokers” can make money by charging institutions for access to donated bodies for scientific purposes such as research and education, Reuters documented in 2017.

The largely unregulated industry can sell or rent whole bodies or body parts, the report says. The industry is distinct from strictly regulated organ donation, in which vital organs are used to medically help a person who is still alive.

Federal charges say Biological Resource Center customers would only buy remains that had tested negative for “certain infectious diseases.”

The charges were filed as a criminal information, which suggests a guilty plea is expected. The names of the Greenes’ lawyers weren’t immediately known.

The charges are related to an investigation of Detroit-area cadaver dealer Arthur Rathburn. (source, source)

The trade in human organs is very profitable. has documented, for example, the trade in organs done by Islamic terrorists in Serbia, which found wealthy buyers throughout the Middle East.

In 1992, the book Sell Yourself To Science detailed how to sell one’s own body products as well as body parts for cash. This trade increased greatly with the Internet, where legal and illegal businesses in found.

While it is harder to find now illegal organ shipping or buying rings, they still exist. One needs to head over to the darknet, and with a little looking one can find something, such as the following ad that was placed on DeepPaste, the equivalent of PasteBin for the clearnet:

Notice that in the last ad, the parts being sold are not just organs for a potential transplant, but other things that one may not associate with a transplant. Considering the rise of paganism and other forms of ancient heathenry with a contemporary veneer, it is not unreasonable to think, barring that the particular ad is not a scam (of which there are many on the darknet), that these sales are also being made for ritualistic use.

Likewise, it should concern people that the ad note how it says “we harvest fresh parts too”, considering that the “source” has to be live human beings.

This is as far as “illegal” parts are concerned. If one wants to buy legal body parts, one only needs to look up “HEK-293,” for these refer to a specific kind of embryonic kidney cell discovered in 1973 by biochemist Dr. Frank L. Graham of McMaster University in Canada. Since these cells come exclusively from unborn babies, and given how they are used in many various medicines, experiments, and “genetic therapy” projects, including CRISPR, it requires a steady flow of aborted babies.

This is one of many reasons why abortion will NOT end likely barring a traumatic event, because the murdered children are looked upon as a highly valuable commodity worth more dead than alive as their body parts are being used to build the modern biotechnical industry in the form of nothing less than a modern-day Frankenstein’s monster.

How does one get these cells legally? All one has to do is to claim that one is doing “biochemical research,” and since it takes very little to establish a “company,” once one has the veneer of authority, one can then go and spend the approximately $400 for a bag of cells harvested from murdered babies:

In both cases, there are body parts coming from murdering others. The former is is illegal and obviously wrong- chopping up a living person and selling his parts, be they “healthy” or in the case of the news story, diseased. However, the “legal” trade in body parts harvested from murdered children is no less nefarious, but just has the cover of legitimacy, and exists for the same reasons, which is to realize eugenics in modern times that is but reviving the same human experimentation of the Second World War and even worse in the future.

Considering all of the genetic experimentation being done by Silicon Valley and, how this has been shown to be an extension of man’s attempt to, in the words of Ray Kurzweil, to attempt to become God as was written about in ancient times, it is simply constructing in a far more gruesome way the Tower of Babel, as it is built not on the sweat of laborers, but the blood of innocents with the same goal in mind. God destroyed the Tower of Babel as a sign just like that of Sodom, for man can never become God. Noting this, the widespread existence of such things is a sign that war must come, because at such a point it will likely only be a war that stops things such as this from happening in a serious way.

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