Abortion Rights Supporter Attacks Elderly Pro-Life Woman, Breaks Her Leg, Smashes Her Face Into The Ground And Leaves Her In A Pool Of Her Own Blood

An elderly woman distributing pro-life literature was violently attacked by an abortion rights supporter, who broke her leg and smashed her face into the ground, leaving her in a pool of her own blood before fleeing the crime scene according to a report:

Another elderly pro-life person is the victim of violence at the hands of an abortion activist. This time an abortion supporter in the state of Kentucky threw an elderly pro-life woman to the ground. The action broke her leg and the woman hit her head on the concrete and left a small pool of blood on the ground as a result.

According to a Facebook post about the incident, Donna Durning has been a pro-life sidewalk counselor for 23 years and, on April 13, she was assaulted outside the EMW Women’s Surgical Center abortion facility in Kentucky. The report indicates a young woman exited the abortion facility and, as Durning attempted to give her literature with information about abortion alternatives, the woman reportedly grabbed her by both shoulders and threw her to the ground.

As the Facebook post indicates, blood could still be seen on the sidewalk the following day indicating word earning hit her head on the concrete. Durning also suffered from a broken femur bone and she has undergone surgery to repair the bone at a local hospital. Fortunately she is expected to make a full recovery.

“Police officers were across the street at the time and came over as soon as they saw the attack. They took the abortion facility’s surveillance tapes. Witnesses wrote down the license plate number of the car Durning’s attacker left in,” the LiveAction post notes. (source, source)

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