Happy Easter 2019

With persecution, nationalism, and militarism all on the rise, the world edges closer each day to war. Political solutions will not provide any long-term solutions, as the fundamental issues are within the hearts of men. They have always been, and in the context of the current day, have been building up for over a century.

But that is why there is Easter. Christ rose from the dead to new life, saving a lost human race from her sins. Man could not do this on his own power, but it was a gift to him from God.

That is the hope that we have. It is not that the world would be saved, because it has already been condemned, but that those in it would turn to Christ and having done so, would finish the task they were entrusted with to the very end.

It is going to be a difficult journey in the next decade and beyond. There will be wars, talk of war, and many troubles around the world, likely those not yet seen by some people in certain parts. Sin will increase, and if it continues to do so more than what is already a historic way, then one should not be surprised if what is already likely going to be many bad consequences will be even worse.

But one should not fear. The great fast of Lent is preparation for the Passion of Christ, and it is after the Passion that then comes the Resurrection.

There is hope, but there no easy way out. Just as God did not spare His own Son, man will likewise have to walk down the via crucis, yet it will be this way that leads to salvation.

Take hope, for Christ has indeed risen, and He will be man’s consolation, sustenance, and salvation.

On behalf of Walid, Ted, and myself, we wish you all a Happy Easter 2019.

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