American Hero Who Beat Up Sodomite Caught In The Act of Sodomizing A Small Child Mysteriously Found “Dead”

In March 2019, covered the case of Richard Adams, an American hero who beat up a sodomite he caught in the act of sodomizing a small child. Adams was arrested and charged with a felony. Now, just a month after this case began, he has been found dead according to a report:

Richard Adams, the 20-year-old Painesville man who attacked a teen he walked in on molesting a 5-year-old boy in Eastlake, has died, according to the Lake County Coroner.

The coroner’s office said the cause of death is unknown at this time and that the results of an autopsy, which would be done at the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s office, could take four months.

Adams, who was facing a felonious assault charge, entered a plea agreement for a lesser charge earlier in April and was entered into a diversion program.

The judge in Adams’s case agreed to the state’s recommendation that Adams be placed in a First Offender diversion program, as this was his first criminal offense.

According to the report, Adams walked into a room and found the 17-year-old sexually assaulting the child and a fight broke out between the two.

Following the incident, authorities arrested Adams as well as the teen. The teen has been charged with two counts of rape and two counts of gross sexual imposition, according to authorities.

Adams said, in an interview with News 5 shortly after the incident, “I feel like I was doing what was right.”

Adams received a wide range of support for his actions, from people calling him a hero to others offering to pay for his legal costs.

Eastlake Police Chief Larry Reik said it did not appear there was any foul play involved in Adams’s death. (source, source)

The story says there is no proof of foul play found so far.

However, let’s consider four points.

First, is the nature of the sin of Sodom. It is a sin that specifically “cries out to Heaven for vengeance” among three others in the Old Testament, brought down the wrath of God on the plains of Middle Ghor in the Book of Genesis, and St. Paul in the New Testament describes how it is the effect of a willing embrace of sin in Romans 1.

The argument that sodomites are “born this way” is a fantasy as perverse as many of the desires which the define themselves by and have throughout history, and while there were many sodomites who were abused as children by other sodomites, the fact is that one evil does not justify another evil. One does not solve pain by inflicting pain on oneself or another person, but by working through the pain for true healing, and while one may bear the scars of a wound for life, one does not seek to intentionally crack open old wounds that have scarred over and will continue to heal.

Second, is that homosexuals are because of the above highly prone to dangerous or aggressive behavior. This is well-documented by news stories and academic studies that show high rates of substance abuse, risk-prone activities, or outright violence against themselves, their “partners, children, and other adults.

Third, because of the first reason, sodomites are very self-interested, and will do anything to improve or defend themselves. It is why they advance well in the corporate world, why they often become wealthy or have many people who like them as well as why they make excellent spies and soldiers, because they have no morals and believe that the force which they can inflict on another to get what they want is the moral justification of their actions.

Fourth, sodomites have hired hitmen to murder people before when they have been caught in crimes, such as in a recent incident where a sodomite was caught paying a hitman to murder a seven-year-old boy that he sexually assaulted and his family because he was caught by the law.

I am not saying that this American hero was indeed murdered by this or another sodomite. However, I’m saying that the circumstances are very suspicious. Eighty-year-olds die because they are old, but twenty-year-olds are generally in good health and do not die save under extraordinary circumstances. Given that sodomites embrace perversity and define themselves by it, and that sodomites are prone to violence, they believe that their interests can be achieved by any means without regard to truth, and that they have murdered people they do not like before, there is reasonable suspicion for a thorough investigation of this case as something very nefarious, and if “suicide” is ruled the cause, it should only invite even more suspicious, since too often it is a cover for murder.

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