White Nationalists Storm Bookstore In DC And Interrupt Book Talk

A group of white nationalists connected to Identity Evropa stormed a bookstore and interrupted a book talk according to a report:

A small group of white nationalists stormed a bookstore in Washington, D.C., to protest an event for a book on racial politics and how it’s impacting lower- and middle-class white Americans.

The group stormed the Politics and Prose bookstore on Saturday afternoon, interrupting a scheduled talk by Jonathan Metzl, a professor of sociology and psychiatry at Vanderbilt University who released his book “Dying of Whiteness: How the Politics of Racial Resentment Is Killing America’s Heartland” this spring.

Videos filmed by those in attendance showed the group standing in a line before the audience chanting, “This land is our land.” At least one man was yelling white nationalist propaganda into a megaphone while people in the bookstore booed him.

The man identified the group as “identitarians,” a far-right white nationalist group which is linked to Identity Evropa, which the Southern Poverty Law Center lists as an extremist group.

Catherine Wigginton, who tweeted a video of the brief chaos, said she was “impressed” with how Metzl handled the interruption.

“Does anyone want to process that before I get back to what I was saying,” she tweeted, recalling his reaction after the white nationalists left.

Metzl, who is also the director for Vanderbilt’s Center for Medicine, Health and Society, was speaking at the bookstore for an Independent Bookstore Day event.

The bookstore protest happened on the same day a 19-year-old white supremacist opened fire on a synagogue in Poway, California, before a Passover celebration, killing one woman and injuring three others, including one young girl.

Before the attack, the shooter posted an eight-page manifesto online boasting about his “European ancestry” and expressing his hatred of Jewish people.

The bookstore protest ended without injury or damage, The Washington Post reported.

Metzl told NBC Washington that before the protest broke out he was speaking to a man who had helped Metzl’s father and grandfather flee Nazi Austria.

“Not five minutes before, I had acknowledged him and said this is how great America can be when it is bold and generous,” Metzl recalled to NBC.

He told the Post that the incident was “very symbolic for me.”

“In case anybody’s wondering what’s happening right now, they’re illustrating my point,” he said. (source, source)

This is an interesting trend shift to witness.

Less than thirty years ago, doing something like this would have resulted in many areas in the US with a public beating from the crowd and those doing the demonstration immediately arrested, while those who did the beating would not be charged or the act would be overlooked by the local police.

However, that was during the 1990s. It is almost 2020, and the social range of acceptable behavior has drastically changed again, so much that the recent historical past would seem to have been in another eon.

These protestors came, interrupted, and left. Nobody stopped them or retaliated.

Interestingly, one can compare this with the situation on homosexuality. If a person were to, in the same situation but involving a book supporting homosexuality, get up and oppose it with the same approach, not only would he be thrown out and possibly arrested, but there is a good chance the person would be assaulted and that the police would not do anything to stop it or to arrest those who would attack. This is likewise a trend that is going to worsen for the future, where it will become physically dangerous to criticize the LGBT as it will make a man a target for mob violence.

This is an important cultural shift, as it shows a realigning of what are “American values,” and this will determine the future of the nation.

That more people are accepting socialism, be it of the international (communism) or nationalistic variety, it all leads to the same end, which is in a death camp. This is taking place as 19th century style language used to justify racism, eugenics, and human experimentation is also returning to the field of acceptable public discourse. As noted above, the influence of sodom is also growing. All of this is happening at the same time there has been a sharp decline in morality and religious practice save for paganism, which is growing.

Imagine three people- one born in 1880, one born in 1920, and another born in 1960. Each one would say that the world they knew is nothing like the world of either of the other people, and to a great extent. This type of sharp, geometric change is highly abnormal in a historical sense, for even great changes would be once in a century or two, sometimes more, and generally not to the same intensity even as today.

What will the US look like in 2030? One can only imagine, but the general trend as we have emphasized is a continual moral decay that inclines the nation towards the paganism of antiquity but in a modern context. The rise of tribalism is part of this.

That is why this “protest”, if it can even be called that, is so significant. Objectively speaking it was a stupid, irrelevant, and pointless venture in meaninglessness, as it only served to make the participants look stupid. However, the concern is not with how “effective” it was or not per their “goals” (if they even had any), but the fact that they would be able to do something like what they did with the reactions they received, and to put that into context with the current social climate.

So many people clamored “never again” for the horrors of National Socialist Germany. Many said the same about the Soviet Union, Cambodia under Pol Pot, and to a far lesser extent the many other genocides around the world, such as that of the Herrero people in Namibia.

But yet the social conditions that enable such genocide- tribalism, paganism, darwinism, eugenics -are all returning to public discourse, and at the same time that morality is seriously decaying.

Great plants grow from little seeds, and as Jesus notes about the mustard tree, it grows from the tiniest of seeds. Such it is with ideas, and they can yield good or bad fruit.

The seeds of the evils of the 19th and 20th centuries have been planted and watered and cared for, and having rooted themselves into the fiber of society, they have just began to sprout, for that is what one is witnessing now.

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