Eighty Migrants Drown To Their Deaths In Mediterranean Sea. One Man Survives By Floating On A Piece Of Wood For Two Days

By Theodore Shoebat

Eighty migrants drowned in the Mediterranean sea, with one man surviving by floating on a piece of wood for two days. As we read in a report from Africa News:

At least 80 migrants died after the boat they were traveling on capsized off Tunisia on Thursday.

The migrants were headed to Europe from Libya when their capsized in the Mediterranean.

A survivor told Reuters at the Liwa refugee centre in Tunisia that he and three others survived by sitting on a piece of wood for two days. Malian Souleyman Couibaly said they had taken the wood from the capsized boat.

“There were a lot of dead people. A lot of dead people then the doctor is helping me so I can get upstairs. We are looking at the sea to search for boats passing, but we didn’t see any boats. We called the Europeans to pick us up, but their phone doesn’t ring. We were sitting in the water for three hours, the water is entering, the boat is sinking, the others fall, the water fills the boat and we are sinking. Only we were saved, the others are lost, dead in the water, we don’t know where they are. We took some wood that was inside the boat. We, four people, sat on the wood”, he recalls.

Last May, at least 65 migrants headed to Europe from Libya drowned when their boat capsized off Tunisia.

Libya’s west coast is a main departure point for African migrants hoping to reach Europe through human traffickers.

But the numbers have dipped due to an Italian-led effort to interrupt smuggling networks and support from the Libyan coast guard.

Libya has been in a turmoil after the death of long time leader Moamar Gaddafi in 2011.

The Right-wing loves to call these people “invaders.” What kind of invaders travel with weak boats and get exploited by smugglers? The Right needs to be careful about the words the use, or else they will be contributing to the metastasization of the racialist mentality that has been developing recently.