Church Expels Entire Congregation After It Agrees To Have Homosexual Weddings On Church Grounds

By Theodore Shoebat

The Evangelical Covenant Church just recently decided to expel an entire congregation after it agreed to have sodomite weddings on church grounds, as we read in a report from Religion News:

For the first time in its 134-year history, the Evangelical Covenant Church has voted to remove a congregation from its roster over its position on LGBTQ inclusion.

The vote to expel the First Covenant Church, a prominent and historic Minneapolis congregation, for being “out of harmony on human sexuality,” took place at the denomination’s annual meeting in Omaha on Friday (June 27).

The Minneapolis church has never performed a gay marriage, though a lesbian couple had an off-site wedding performed by its music director in 2014, which produced a series of conversations about its future over the past few years.

The denomination also expelled from its roster the Rev. Dan Collison, the church’s pastor.

The actions come after First Covenant said it would treat LGBTQ members as equals, allow married gay clergy and would be open to hosting same-sex marriages.