Communist Chinese Government Is Paying People A MONTHS Salary To Spy On And Report Christians

The Chinese communist government, which hates Christians and Christianity, is now paying up to a thousand US Dollars, or approximately a month’s salary of wages, to spy on and report Christians according to a report:

Authorities in Guizhou are incentivizing local residents to report illegal religious activities, according to China Aid. People who report members of their community will receive up to $1,000.

The cash reward is offered to those who report on “suspicious illegal religious sites and activities”. This law specifically targets churches that meet without government registration. In Henan last year similar rewards were offered for people who reported “illegal religious activities” via a hotline. The notice from 2018 offered a higher reward for reporting sites of illegal religious gatherings, up to $3,000.

The incentives offered by provincial governments echo the federal laws and encourages civilian to civilian persecution, rather than government to civilian persecution that has been a strong trend. These cash offers are essentially bribes where non-Christian community members are encouraged to “aggressively monitor” their neighbors. This makes the already worrisome condition for sharing the Gospel, even more dangerous, as Chinese Christians never know who may report their actions.

Christians in China do not have freedom to worship. The house churches they use are seen as a threat to the Chinese Communist Party who tries to force Christians to join official registered churches. The situation in the country continues to decline. (source)

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