What No One Ever Tells You About: How Islamic Terrorism Is Being Used To Spark Nationalism, Racism And Fascism

By Theodore Shoebat

In the Cold War a policy that was intensely utilized by NATO was the use of neo-Nazis and nationalists as stay-behind militia groups to fight the Soviet Union if the latter decided to invade western Europe. This was known as (amongst numerous titles) Operation Gladio. Another part of Gladio was getting these ultra nationalists to do false-flag attacks so that the violence could be blamed on the Communists. The motivation behind these false-flag attacks and the subsequent blame on the Reds was to spark Right-wing nationalism in Europe. When studying about Gladio, this aspect of the major operation is the most discussed. But there is another aspect of Gladio that is rarely talked about, and that is the use of Islamic terrorism for the same ends: the acceleration of nationalism. Gladio is broken down to two branches: there was Gladio A  — or the backing of nationalist terrorists in Europe to get them to do terrorist attacks to be attributed to Communists —, and there was Gladio B — or the supporting of Islamist militants.

There was the information that was brought forth by one Sibel Edmonds, who was described by the ACLU as “the most gagged person in American history”. Edmonds was fluent in Turkish, Farsi and Azerbaijani, and her language skills earned her a position with the FBI in the Washington DC field office two weeks after 9/11, translating documents with highly sensitive information from intelligence operations against terrorism suspects in and outside the US. She revealed that the CIA and the US State Department had collaborations with al-Qaeda through drug trafficking and arms sales. She also affirmed that Ayman al-Zawahiri, the major leader of al-Qaeda, was actually involved in meetings at the US embassy in Azerbaijan’s capital of Baku with officials from both the US military and government from the years 1997 to 2001. According to Edmonds, this was all part of an operation called “Gladio B.” In fact, there were journalists with ties to the Sunday Times who reported that this information about Gladio B was confirmed by officials of the Pentagon and MI6. The report from the journalists was suppose to be published in 2008 as part of a four part investigative series. But the story was squashed and its publication was utterly prevented. A report from the Huffington Post confirmed that the journalists’ investigation was precluded from publication by “interest groups”:

The Times journalists described how the story was inexplicably dropped half way under the pressure of undisclosed “interest groups” possibly associated with the US State Department.

In the years 2002 and 2004, the US government gagged Edmonds by utilizing “state secrets privilege” which is simply a tool used by the state to prevent a lawsuit by saying that it could leak out information that would jeopardize “national security.” What Edmonds revealed was quite remarkable: there is a network of front companies operated by moles within US intelligence from both Turkey and Israel, and they have been involved in supposedly selling US secrets; one of the top buyers of US secrets was the head of Pakistan’s intelligence agency, ISI (Inter Services Intelligence), General Mahmoud Ahmed, who himself had ties with al-Qaeda. It is very interesting that the Pakistani paper, the News, on September 10th, 2001 (the day before 9/11), reported that Ahmed had several “mysterious meetings at the Pentagon and National Security Council” that week, including meetings with CIA director George Tenet. As the story from the Huffington Post reports on Israeli and Turkish moles within US intelligence:

In the Sunday Times exposé, Edmonds described a parallel organisation in Israel cooperating with the Turks on illegal weapons sales and technology transfers. Between them, Israel and Turkey operated a range of US front companies with active moles inside the US intelligence community, selling secrets to the highest bidder. One of those buyers was Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) – which often used its Turkish allies “as a conduit… as they were less likely to attract suspicion.” The operations were reportedly overseen by then ISI chief General Mahmoud Ahmad – who, as the Times noted, “was accused of sanctioning a $100,000 wire payment to Mohammed Atta, one of the 9/11 hijackers, immediately before the attacks.

General Mahmoud Ahmed

The US government, as is widely known, backed the Islamic Mujahideen; but the US government affirmed that this operation ended in 1989 upon the collapse of the Soviet Union (around the same time they claimed that Gladio ended). But, this was misinformation. As Edmonds said:

“In the late 1990s, all the way up to 9/11, al-Zawahiri and other mujahideen operatives were meeting regularly with senior US officials in the US embassy in Baku to plan their Balkan operations … These operations were being run from a secret section of the Pentagon with its own office …the FBI counterintelligence investigation which was tracking these targets, along with their links to US officials, was known as ‘Gladio B’, and was kickstarted in 1997.”

Edmonds recounted that the United States’ program to support the Islamic Jihad was an extension of the Gladio operation that began in Western Europe and the realities of which were first made public by the Italian government after a parliament investigation. They say that Gladio ended; but it never did, and this is one of the things that is affirmed by Edmonds.


After the Second World War, Italy became a major front for the Cold War. On the Leftist side you had the PSI Socialist Party and the Communist Party, and on the Right side you had the CIA, the Italian secret service and radical paramilitaries. The empowerment of the Right-wing had a lot to do with the United States’ influence over Italy. The Yalta Conference of February 1945 agreed that the transition towards democracy in Italy would be overseen by both the United States and Britain; and it is quite interesting to observe that these two countries were the main causers of the Gladio operation which did not wish to see an end to Nazism and Fascism, but empowered these ideologies for geopolitical reasons.

The reason given for this policy of backing Nazi and other racist paramilitaries was to stop the spread of Communism within Europe. Former CIA agent,Victor Marchetti, whose writing on US intelligence operations provoked the CIA to try to use the law to prevent its publication, exposed how the United States was collaborating with the mafia against the Communists. “The Mafia,” writes Marchetti, “because of its anti-Communist nature is one of the elements which the CIA uses to control Italy”. British and American intelligence backing Nazis and criminals while claiming to be against them is the same as these very two countries claiming a “War on Terror” while arming terrorists.

The Right-wing paramilitaries in Italy would be involved in very nefarious activities, including mass murder such as the Bologna massacre of 1980 in which eighty-five people were butchered by a bomb attack, or the Piazza Fontana massacre of 1969 in which 17 people were killed. For the CIA, working with such violent groups was okay just as long as the main target was Communism. Ray Cline, who was the Deputy Director of the CIA from 1962 to 1966, said: “It’s not unlikely that some right-wing groups were recruited and made to be stay-behinds because they would indeed have tipped us off if a war were going to begin … So using right-wingers if you used them not politically, but for intelligence purposes, is o.k.” If the CIA and other NATO intelligence agencies backed Right-wing terrorists in western Europe, just as it has been backing Islamist terrorists, then who is to say that the rise of the Right today is not due to a NATO contrivance?

An example of the US helping the Right-wing in Italy after the Second World War, is what happened with the Fascist Valerio Borghese. He was nicknamed “the Black Prince,” because Borghese ran a ruthless paramilitary called Decima MAS (founded in 1941) which consisted of 4,000 fighters and hunted down and killed hundreds of Communists. At the end of the war, Borghese was captured by partisans who were going to hang him. But in came US intervention to rescue him. The American proconsul, Admiral Ellery Stone, who was a close friend to the Borghese family, commanded the OSS employee James Angleton (who would later become a celebrated CIA agent), to save Borghese from his execution.

Valerio Borghese

Angelton would disguise Borghese as an American soldier and escort him to Rome. And because of American protection, Borghese was later declared innocent (just like Unit 731 — Japanese scientists who did human experimentation — never received justice because they were given US protection). Whats quite telling is that after serving his military service, Ellery Stone would become the head of the Commercial Cable Company, a subsidiary of the International Telephone and Telegraph corporation (ITT), the founder of which, Sosthenes Behn, not only profited from both sides of the Second World War but was a direct backer of Adolf Hitler.

Ellery Stone

To understand the genesis of conspiracy, one must understand the corporatist power structures that provide the financial means for sinister networks. There is a telling line from Anthony Sampson about ITT’s war profiting:

“Thus while I.T.T. Focke-Wolfe planes were bombing Allied ships, and I.T.T. lines were passing information to German submarines, I.T.T. direction finders were saving other ships from torpedoes.”

On August of 1933, Sosthenes Behn and the ITT representative Henry Mann met personally with Adolf Hitler in Berchesgaden. After this meeting, Behn connected with the Keppler circle (a club of German industrialists who backed the Nazi Party), and with the help of Wilhelm Keppler, the SS leader and banker Baron Kurt von Schroder (who was very close to the Jewish Stein Bankhaus) became the overseer of ITT’s interests in Germany. In 1944, while the war was still ongoing, Schroder made sure that finances from ITT were transferred to the SS. The New York Times, back in 1933, reported that (in the words of Sampson) “the new Chancellor of Germany Herr Hitler, had for the first time received a delegation of American businessmen at Berchtesgaden. It consisted of two men: Colonel Sosthenes Behn and his representative in Germany, Henry Mann. The meeting was the beginning of a very special relationship between ITT and the Third Reich. Behn was eager to work closely with the new Nazi government. He asked Hitler’s economic advisor, Wilhelm Keppler, for names of reliable men acceptable to the Nazis who could join the boards of ITT’s German companies. Keppler suggested several, including the banker Kurt von Shroeder, of the Stein Bank, who was to become a general of the SS, and the crucial channel of funds into Himmler’s Gestapo.” (See Samson, 1973) 

Thanks to Schroeder, Behn got special treatment from the Nazis. As Germany invigorated its military strength, so did ITT rapidly expand in the German nation. Another Nazi tie that Behn had was with Hermann Goering, the head of the German Air Force. ITT did a big deal for the German Air Force, when its subsidiary, C. Lorenz AG, got 28% of the shares of the German aircraft firm, Focke-Wulf, whose bombers were a nightmare for American and Allied convoys. After the war, an interrogation of Behn’s German ally, Kurt von Shroeder, took place in which he said:

“From 1933 till the outbreak of war, the great bulk of the profits of ITT German companies could have been transferred to Colonel Behn’s companies in the United States: but he never asked to do that for him. Instead he appeared to be perfectly content to have all the profits of the companies in Germany which he and his interests controlled reinvested in new buildings and machinery and in other enterprises engaged in production of armaments.”

Schroeder was asked:

“Did you know of, or did you hear of, any protest made by Colonel Behn or his representatives against those companies engaged in these activities preparing Germany for war?”


Kurt von Schroder

And yes, Behn was well aware of the Nazis’ race laws. In fact, after Hitler annexed Austria, the Austrian ITT subsidiary, Czeija-Nissl, was put under the control of the Berlin headquarters, and all of the Jewish employees were purged from the company, including the chairman, Frank Nissl. Behn had another meeting with Hitler in which the Fuhrer guaranteed him that ITT had huge prospects in the Third Reich. Behn complimented Hitler, remarking on how well dressed he was. When the Nazis invaded Poland in 1939, ITT’s German companies had subsidiaries in Austria, Switzerland and Hungary.

Even after the Pearl Harbor attack, Behn continued his business deals with the Nazis. While the Swiss owned rival, Halser, refused to make any equipment for the Germans, ITT’s subsidiary in Spain was providing the Germans with raw materials, such as zinc sulphate and mercury and provided equipment “apparently for the German Army.” The State Department complained that ITT in Spain “had not made a genuine effort to seek ways and means of carrying out the desires of this government”. But while people within the State Department objected to ITT, there was of course the state-within-a-state structure that made sure to protect ITT. People within the Pentagon were heavy supporters of ITT. One of them was General Stoner of the Signal Corps, who later praised ITT for providing technology to the US military.

What is amazing is that after the war, ITT managed to get $27 million in compensation for repairing damaged made by Allied bombings, a stark irony given the fact this was a company that made so much profit from Nazi Germany. Another policy that some US officials wanted to do was the deindustrialization of Germany, an idea that got — expectedly — immense resistance from big industries like ITT and very well connected elitists like John J. McCloy (one of the biggest movers and shakers behind Operation Paperclip).


The support for the Nazis flowing from the United States did not cease after the last bullet was fired at the end of the war. Yes, there was industrialist power giving the technology that the Third Reich needed, but even when the conflict was over, governmental entities within the state wanted to continue backing Nazis, be it giving Nazi scientists careers within the technological establishments through Operation Paperclip, or backing Nazi and Fascist paramilitaries through Operation Gladio. One of the biggest opponents of and hinderances to the operation to hire Nazi scientists was Samuel Klaus, a State Department officer. A lawyer and a student of the Hebrew language, Klaus was appointed to check the visas of the German scientists. But instead of being the one that the powers that be wanted to look the other way while murderers came through the border, Klaus instead had a big mouth, and he was more than willing to use his jaws to resound the news about Nazi scientists coming to America for high paying careers.

Yes, the Americanists, the lobbyists and the apologists of policy used the most effective arguments of nationalist pressure  to legitimize the scientific elite who helped run slave labor and death camps: they argued, essentially, that if the US did not hire these Nazi scientists, then the Russians would; thus, in order to maintain the power of American empire, murderers needed to be hired. The argument emanates directly from the lowest depths of that most hallow and superficial layer of the animal mind: power trumps virtue; empire is superior to doing right.

While Klaus was reviewing visas, the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency (JIOA) wanted him to not seriously review anything, but to observe severe indifference for the religion of America. The whores of Washington made it out to be that the Nazi scientists were brilliant men and invaluable assets to America’s enterprise of technological superiority. But Klaus argued that these scientists were not as brilliant as Washington’s acolytes wanted people to think. At a JOIA meeting in the fall of 1945, Klaus affirmed that under his watch “less than a dozen [German scientist] would ever be permitted to enter the U.S.”

Klaus’s adamancy against helping Nazi scientists did not come out of air. He had a direct experience with Nazi ideology, when he worked for the US Foreign Economic Administration. During this time he was running Operation Safe Haven in which he was working to take Nazi assets, such as robbed paintings and smuggled gold. While he was directing Safe Haven, Klaus interviewed hundreds of German civilians and noticed that they did not support the Nazi party ignorantly but rather had an understanding of the genocide their government was doing.

But now Klaus was being pushed to help the very murderers he was fighting against, by the very government that boasts crushing the Fascists when it really has helped them. The JIOA needed someone to counter Klaus’ resistance. They got a representative from the Commerce Department named John C. Green, a major advocate for Operation Paperclip. In the fall of 1945, Green contrived a plan to bypass Klaus (see Jacobsen, Operation Paperclip, ch. 11, pp. 194-193)

One of the major backers for Operation Paperclip was one Henry Wallace, the Secretary of Commerce. Wallace was a champion of the idea that America would obtain power and prosperity through science. This excessive adulation for science as a means to have darwinian ideology eclipse what is good and what is right, reflects the evil that Eisenhower warned about:

“… In holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite.”

This is exactly what happened in Paperclip.

There was a list that catalogued 1800 reports about German technological capacity. The list specified “rockets,” “chemical warfare,” “medical practice,” “aeronautics,” “physics, nuclear.” The man who superintended the creation of the list was Henry Wallace’s executive secretary, John C. Green. The motivation behind the list had nothing to do with getting the average man to have more money in his pocket. Industry and big business were the idols that possessed the soul.

Green wanted to make the list available to certain groups in industry. Green went to Wright Field where he met with Colonel Donald Putt who recounted on the meeting: “During his visit to the Air Force Fair, Wright Field [John C. Green] evidenced keen interest and inquired as to the reaction of industry toward the possible employment of German scientists” (ibid, pp. 195-196, 200). And if you think big American industry would have shame to hire Nazi scientists, you’d be wrong. Nationalism is the spell of the masses; the wizard is found wearing a suit and smoking a cigar. Nationalism is the intoxication of the crowd; the seller of the powerful drink is in a building, not in a barrack. While the soldier was ordered to shoot a Nazi, the big corporations were encouraged to hire them. After Mr. Green lobbied for companies to employ Nazis, several companies solicited their interest; these were Dow Chemical Company, the AiResearch Manufacturing Company and the Aircraft Industries Association (ibid, 200-201).

On February 27, 1947, Klaus was called to join a meeting in the Pentagon. In the meeting Colonel Thomas Ford told Klaus that he had a list of German scientists who were already in the US but that needed their visas expedited. Ford began to pressure Klaus to sign a waiver that would permit the JIOA to commence the process.  Klaus refused. As he recounted in a State Department memo: “I told him that of course I could do no such thing and that certification presupposed that the Department should have an opportunity to pass judgement of some kind before affixing the signature”.

Ford told Klaus that the JIOA had, in September 3rd of 1946, already made a directive that the State of Department was to “accept as final the investigation and security reports prepared by JIOA, for insuring final clearance of individuals concerned.” Klaus still refused to sign and added that he needed to see the list first before doing anything. Ford said that the list was classified. Klauss still refused. “Ford stated in various ways that if I did not accept the paper on behalf of the State Department he would give the information to several senators who would take care of the Department,” recounted Klaus who also remembered how Ford accused him of hindering “national interest.” 

In this conversation we see a microcosm of the whole evil dimension of politics. Empire and capital are put on a position superior to justice and mercy; and everyone is pressured to submit to this cult of the greenback. Those whose knees have not bowed in supplication are then told sophistical arguments: they will say that whatever insidious measure they want to implement was already passed in prior legislation and that they simply desire to honor ‘the rule of law’; and then to those that are simply too obstinate, they will say that they are enemies to “national interest.” If you don’t bow down to the evils of states, you become an “enemy of the state.” The state does not bear the sword in vain (Romans 13:4), but that power is to be unleashed for the cause of good. But submission to evil, even if it is pushed by the state, is thrown out and forsaken. The very system that created Operation Paperclip is the same system that did the Gladio apparatus that backed both European nationalist paramilitaries and Islamist terrorists.


In 2005, the Islamist militant, Abu Musab “The Syrian”, wrote a manifesto on an efficient strategy for Islamic violence. His official real name (we are told)  is “Mustafa bin Abd al-Qadir Setmariam Nasar“. Setmariam Nasar literally means “mother Mary, the Nazarene.” Strange, how could a Muslim have such a name? Plus, the construct of Muslim names is always the name, the father’s name, the grandfather’s name and then the clan. How could his grandfather have the name “mother Mary the Nazarene”? No Muslim would call himself “mother Mary.” We could not even track the clan in Syria. We are told, through this web of confusion, that the name Setmariam came from his grandmother. But again, no Muslim woman would have such a name.

This person, whose supposed real name “mother Mary” came up with a manual for terrorist “lone wolf” operations. Plus Spanish intelligence linked him to several bombings and tracked his phone from which they discovered that he was sharing information with the CIA. And why would a Muslim jihadi come up with a strategy of the “lone wolf”? It is strange that a Muslim would call another jihadi a “wolf.” I asked my father about this and he immediately knew that there was something very strange. A Muslim calling another Muslim a wolf is like a Christian calling another Christian wolf. The term “wolf” was used to make the Muslim to be a wolf in propaganda. We are also told that his name is last name is “Jackery al-Rifai (الجاكيري الرفاعي). The name “Jackery” does not exist in the Arab speaking world. Even if you search the name, at its spelled and given to us in Arabic, on Facebook to see if anyone has this name, you will find nothing. The whole thing is very suspicious.

“Mother Mary’s” manual was entitled, Call for a Global Islamic Resistance, and it proposed a plan of decentralizing Jihad and also to implement a “strategy of tension” in which Muslims would commit acts of terrorism to the point that governments would repress Muslims, thus getting the Umma (Islamic community) to rise up against the infidels. What is fascinating is how this parallels with the CIA’s strategy in the Gladio operation to cause terrorist attacks and then blame them on the Left to get the Right-wing up in arms. In 1997, “mother Mary” created the Islamic Conflict Studies Bureau in Madrid and London, which organized for the jihadist cause but at the same time coordinated for media purposes. For example in 1997 the Islamic Conflict Studies Bureau organized the interview between Osama bin Laden and CNN’s Peter Bergen.     

Abu Musab “The Syrian”. 

How does it make any sense that a high profile terrorist could connect CNN for an interview with Osama bin Laden? The whole thing reeks with suspicion. Also, the term “Islamic Conflict Studies Bureau doesn’t sound like anything a Muslim would come up with, but rather a media enthusiast in the West. 

Similarly, during Operation Gladio there was Aginter Press, founded in 1966 in Lisbon, Portugal, and it, too, had serious ties to false-flag terrorism while at the same time fronting as a media company. While it posed itself as a media group, Aginter Press was directly tied to Right-wing paramilitary violence. This information was revealed to an unknowing populace in 1990 after the Italian prime minister Giulio Andreotti publicly announced to the world the existence of Nazi and Fascist armed groups backed by NATO. The Portuguese paper, O Journal, reported:

“The secret network, erected at the bosom of NATO and financed by the CIA, the existence of which has recently been revealed by Giulio Andreotti, had a branch in Portugal in the 1960s and the 1970s. It was called ‘Aginter Press’”. (See Ganser, NATO’s Secret Armies, ch. 9, p. 115)

Aginter Press was not interested in media; in fact they did not publish books or pamphlets, but rather were heavily involved in training Right-wing terrorists.

The most intense discovery about this apparatus is that the massacre in the Piazza Fontana (in which 17 people were murdered) in 1969 was done by terrorists trained by Aginter Press. The Italian magistrate, Guido Salvini, who was in charge of the investigation on the massacre, revealed:

“In these investigations data has emerged which confirmed the links between Aginter Press, Ordine Nuovo and Avanguardia Nazionale… It has emerged that Guido Giannettini [one of the neo-fascist responsible for the bombing] had contacts with Guérin-Sérac in Portugal ever since 1964. It has emerged that instructors of Aginter Press. .. came to Rome between 1967 and 1968 and instructed the militant members of Avanguardia Nazionale in the use of explosives.”

A branch of Aginter Press in Portugal, called Organization Armee contre le communisme International, was led by a CIA operative named Yves Guerin Serac. A report from the Italian government stated that Aginter Press “in reality, according to the latest documents acquired by the criminal investigation, was an information center directly linked to the CIA and the Portuguese secret service, that specialized in provocation operations.”

Yves Guerin Serac

Guerin Serac explained his strategy of tension as either doing massacres or assassinations:

“In the first phase of our political activity we must create chaos in all structures of the regime … Two forms of terrorism can provocate such a situation: The blind terrorism (committing massacres indiscriminately which cause a large number of victims), and the selective terrorism (eliminate chosen persons)”.

After slaughtering people, the plan was to then blame the violence on the Left. As Serac explained: “This destruction of the state must be carried out as much as possible under the cover of ‘Communist activities’.” Once enough media attention has been garnered towards the terrorist violence, and enough of the masses are shocked and disturbed, then propaganda must be disseminated about how the State has failed the people in defending them. ‘National security’ then becomes a central point of propaganda fodder against the status quo, and the Right-wing — or really fanatical nationalists — are then shined a light upon them as the only heroes of the people who will defend them as opposed to a weak and incompetent government. As Serac explained:

“After that, we must intervene at the heart of the military, the juridicial power and the church, in order to influence popular opinion, suggest a solution, and clearly demonstrate the weakness of the present legal apparatuses … Popular opinion must be polarized in such a way that we are being presented as the only instrument capable of saving the nation.”

There is so much to say about this. For one, he speaks about using the Church as a way to promulgate nationalist opinion. We already see this with the Institute for Human Dignity, the leader of which, Steve Bannon, has been working on exasperating relations between Rome and the Vatican by telling Matteo Salvini to attack the Pope. We also see this with the SSPX which has been holding up a Catholic veneer while at the same time having much sympathy with Fascism and Nazism (they did a funeral mass for the Nazi mass murderer Erich Priebke).

Moreover, there is the manipulation of public opinion to move it from the center to the extreme. And you can see the intensification of the polarization between Right and Left, and one thing that fuels the fires of the rage is victimization. When a Right-winger is attacked by Leftists, the Right uses the situation as a piece of their marketing scheme. Victimization increases and the use of violence against the other side becomes justified. Moreover, we cannot forget the power of Islamic terrorism in intensifying nationalist sentiment. The Gladio operatives knew that terrorism had to be done as though it was committed by Communists in order to make the Right-wing into the heroes of the society. In a document made by Aginter Press entitled, Our Political Activity (dated 1969, the year of the Piazza Fontana massacre), it reads:

“Out belief is that the first phase of political activity ought to be to create the conditions favoring the installation of chaos in all of the regime’s structures … In our view the first move we should make is to destroy the structure of the democratic state under the cover of Communist and pro-Chinese activities.”

He then concludes that the terrorist attacks “will create a feeling of hostility towards those who threaten the peace of each and every nation” (Ibid, p. 118).  So the CIA and other European intelligence agents were using terrorism as a way to manipulate public opinion in favor of nationalism. The same thing is being done with Islamic terrorism which was being used under the Gladio B operation. If Gladio involved the use of terrorism to garner hatred to the Left and spark nationalism, and Islamic terrorism — under Gladio B — was being used for the same purpose, then who is to say that the migrant crises, recent Jihadist terrorism or maybe even the Ilhan Omar craze are not merely being used for the same purpose? Lets not forget that the Israeli government created Hamas to counter the PLO and then bombed Hamas.

The powers that be create their own enemies to make themselves the heroes. Powerful figures within the Wall Street financial apparatus backed the Third Reich against which the US went to war and then absorbed thousands of Nazi scientists for big industry. Germany funded Vladimir Lennon’s Bolshevik revolution, and then the Nazis used the threat of Marxism to bolster Hitler. Its an ancient strategy. Antigonus allowed the Parthians to invade Judea and pretended to fight them to make the Jews praise him as the hero, and then the Parthians — after removing Hyrcanus and Phasaelus — installed Antigonus as the ruler over Judea (see Josephus, Wars, 1.13.1-11). Political hysteria, terrorism and the idea of invasion are the greatest means to total power.