Archive | January 18, 2020

Catholic Church Helps Broker Major Peace Deal In South Sudan

According to a recent report, the Catholic Church has just helped with brokering a major peace deal in South Sudan, helping to bring under control a nation torn by violence since its establishment in 2011. South Sudan has been in almost constant civil war since it gained its independence in 2011. This civil war has […]

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Report: Amazon Wants Your Biometric Prints And Your Bank Account Too

A new report from the Wall Stree Journal has uncovered that Amazon, the corporate behemoth that arguably seems to dwarf the influence that Standard Oil had at the height of its power, is working in integrating biometric data as well as payment processing into her corporate model, essentially turning the company into a data warehouse […]

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No, Putin Has Not “Purged The West”, And Other Ridiculous Russian Propaganda Assertions

I have noted before that while the West is excellent at lying, the Slavic nations are excellent at bluffing but NOT lying. One can see this in the Russian approach to politics, especially during the Soviet years when allusions to prosperity were suggested but not confirmed, yet attempts to define lies as facts were often […]

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