Archive | January 23, 2020

Islamic Terrorists Slaughter Forty Syrian Soldiers, They Even Use Booby Trapped Vehicles To Murder Them

By Theodore Shoebat Islamic terrorists slaughtered 40 Syrian soldiers. The ambushers even used booby-trapped vehicles to slaughter the soldiers. As we read in a report from Tasnim News Agency: Syria’s official news agency SANA cited a military source as saying that militants launched “fierce attacks with large numbers” on the country’s army positions in the […]

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America Prepares For The Largest Military Exercises In Europe So Far While People ‘Drop Like Flies’ In China, And Trump Promises To Cut Social Programs For The Poor

Virginians may have protested and their state motto say “Sic Semper Tirannis”, but the government was quick to act in a tyrannical way and ignore the massive protests that took place a few days ago, moving forward to the contrary with passing the notorious “red flag” bill through the state Senate, which will make it […]

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