Archive | January 11, 2020

Major Indian Catholic Prelate Stands Up Against Discrimination Of Muslims In India

One of India’s leading Catholic clergymen, Cardinal Oswald Gracias, the Archbishop of Bombay, has recently spoken out against the country’s controversial Citizenship Amendment Act. The Christian leader called the law, “a cause of great anxiety for all citizens” according to a report as the law is being used to isolate Muslims and cause polarization in […]

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It Is Impossible To Survive On Most Jobs In The US Today

The US has been in a downward economic cycle ever since 1973. Things are not getting better, but exponentially worse as inflation and stagnation are destroying people’s wealth and forcing poverty upon them. For many years, especially on the right-wing and from Boomers, is the mantra of “pull yourself up by your bootstraps and work […]

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Did Trump Just Reveal A Secret About The Iran Situation?

We have been closely following the Iraninan plane incident. A few days ago, we reported that on the basis of Arabic-language media sources, it came out that the US and Iran discussed public attacks against each other that were proportionate so long as people were not killed. This resulted in a firestorm of media attention, […]

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