Archive | January 22, 2020

Russia, Turkey And Germany Are Going Full Throttle In Seizing Power, Influence And Energy Resources In Libya

By Walid & Theodore Shoebat “He shall have power over the treasures of gold and silver, and over all the precious things of Egypt; also the Libyans and Ethiopians shall follow at his heels.” (Daniel 11:43) A bloody civil war is occurring in Libya, but in the horizon there is a European struggle for power in North […]

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Major Retired US Intel Officer Forsees War With China, India Upholds Pro-Nationalist Immigration Law, And Fear Over Disease Spreads With Reports Of Coronavirus Deaths

When Jeb Bush was running for the Republican nomination in 2016, a sure sign of his absolute, impending failure as a potential candidate was when he famously asked people to “Please clap” after making a point. Pete Buttigieg, the infamous and openly sodomite candidate from Indiana has recently had his own Particularly “Jeb moment” after […]

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