Major Catholic Leader In Nigeria: ‘Islamic Terrorists Are Killing So Many Christians That Death Is A Daily Harvest’

By Theodore Shoebat

A major Catholic leader in Nigeria, Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah, has said that the killing of Christians is so horrendous that “death is a daily harvest”. As we read in a report from Crux:

A Catholic bishop in Nigeria says the policies of the central government is giving the terrorist group Boko Haram a “confidence boost.”

Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah’s comments came after several anti-Christian attacks by the Islamic group, including the murder of Rev. Lawan Andimi, a Protestant pastor, earlier this week.

In addition, Muslim Fulani herdsmen have been attacking Christians in the country: On Jan. 20, Augustine Avertse, a lay leader of the St. Augustine Catholic community in Nasarawa State, was murdered together with his father in a suspected Fulani attack.

“I travel around, and I know how the world feels about our lack of vision and direction. Internally, Nigerians have never felt so forlorn and despondent,” the bishop told Crux.

“It is hard to convince any Nigerian today that they should be proud of their country and that they are under the protection of their government. Life has never been so cheap in this country and one feels that absolutely nothing is being seriously done to end the carnage. Imagine the way that Trump has behaved over the fact that someone has taken the lives of American citizens. Here today, death is a daily harvest,” Kukah said.