Connecticut Woman In Custody After Running Down Security Barriers At Mar-A-Lago

A lot of people do not like President Trump, and while disagreements are normal, some people respond to their disagreements in dangerous or unbalanced ways. Such was the unfortunate case of what happened at Trump’s Mar-A-Lago resort where a Connecticut woman was arrested and taken into custody after running down security barriers at the location.

Police have taken a woman into custody after a security breach at the Mar-a-Lago estate ended in a police-involved shooting.

According to the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office, 30-year-old Hannah Roehmild, who is from Middletown, Connecticut, was driving a black SUV erratically and refused to stop.

“It shocked me,” a family friend of the suspect, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said over the phone. “Totally uncharacteristic of this young lady. She’s a very talented, hard-working individual. This is not how she lives up here. This is not how she is.”

Florida Highway Patrol troopers were following the black SUV when it blew through two security check points on the property, Friday, at around 11:40 a.m. The breach forced Secret Service agents to open fire.

“We can confirm that local law enforcement and Secret Service discharged their weapons at the vehicle,” Brian Swain, the Secret Service’s Special Agent in Charge of its Miami office, said.

Ten minutes earlier, PBSO said Roehmild began behaving erratically by dancing on top of a car at The Breakers Resort, located north of Mar-a-Lago. (source)

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