Federal Agent Busted On Nanny Cam Sniffing Three-Year-Old Girl’s Panties Multiple Times

It is common knowledge that a lot of the major child sexual abuse websites are set up by the federal government as a sort of honeypot trap, such as was confirmed in an investigation by Reason Magazine in 2016. Because of this fact, it would not be a surprise if there were more than a few child sexual abusers or predators working in major positions for federal agencies.

A recent act caught on a nanny cam may give a small insight into this as a federal agent was caught multiple times going into the dresser of a three-year-old girl and sniffing her underwear.

A former federal law enforcement officer, accused of having a sexual motive for smelling a girl’s dirty underwear in her bedroom, will be allowed to serve unsupervised probation.

Deputy U.S. Marshal David Timothy Moon, 50, was touring a Phoenix home for sale last May.

While his real estate agent was in another room, Moon went inside a 3-year-old girl’s bedroom, according to a police report. He focused on the laundry hamper in the corner. He dug through the dirty laundry and pulled out what appeared to be the girl’s underwear.

Video shows, Moon appeared to hold the underwear close to his face and appeared to smell them. Minutes later, he returned to the bedroom for a second round with the preschooler’s clothing. When he leaves the room for the second time, he appeared to notice the nanny cam. He quickly covered his mouth and said “goddamn it.”

ABC15 reviewed the video with forensic psychologist John Delatorre, and he described what he saw as “a compulsion.” Dr. Delatorre said he has evaluated hundreds of sex offenders and was not personally involved in Moon’s case.

“This isn’t someone who’s unsure and needs to look around and tries to figure out — is this thing what arouses me?” Dr. Delatorre said. “He knows immediately.”

The girl’s father, whose name ABC15 is not disclosing due to the nature of the crime, received motion alerts from the camera. When he saw the recorded video, he called Phoenix police. The father later told a judge he increased security at his home. (source)


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