Pompeo Declares The US Will ‘Fully Supply’ Belarus With Oil

American geostrategy with Russia seems to involve two main points- securing a multiplicity of oil resources flowing into Europe so as to ensure that the Russians do not revive a (historically speaking, temporary) peace agreement with Germany so as to bring about the way for a revival of Germanic militarism. Part of this means interfering in the tangled world of Eastern European politics, and since all economies today rely on oil and much of that oil is purchased from Russia, to interfere with the Russian supply lines.

Belarus is a major target because she is, along with Ukraine and Estonia, a major route from access to all points west in Europe from Russia by land save northernmost Norway. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declared that the US is prepared to ‘fully supply’ Belarus with all of her oil needs according to a report.

The US is ready to sell Belarus energy resources in the volumes needed for the republic and at competitive prices, said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo during a visit to Minsk ( Belta quotes him as saying ). He added that the USA is the largest energy producer in the world and all that Belarus needs to do is turn to Washington.

At the same time, according to Pompeo, the United States is not ready to finally remove the remaining sanctions from Belarus. “So far we have not reached this point. But meetings like today bring us closer to this goal, ”said the Secretary of State.

In the near future, Washington intends to appoint its ambassador to Belarus, Pompeo also noted. (source)

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