Tanzania Cuts Off Sodomites From Public Health Access, The US Responds By Imposing Travel Sanction On Major Anti-Sodom Tanzanian Politician

There is a crude saying in the bodybuilding industry, which is “go gay for pay”, meaning that if you want to earn money, you have to partake in the abominable activities of sodom. In spite of the talk from so many (Boomers) about how America is or used to be a “Christian” country, the fact is that the nations of Africa are more Christian because not only is this measured by actual amounts of adherents, but because people believe in the moral teachings, especially about sodomite behavior. Instead, the US has taken a “gay for pay” approach where she is cutting of financial aid or travel bans on people for opposing the sin that cries out to Heaven for vengeance. Such was a recent case where the US imposed travel restrictions on a major Tanzanian politician for standing up to the sodomite agenda.

Since 2016, Tanzanian authorities have carried out numerous raids on private meetings held by LGBT organisations, arrested and carried out forced anal examinations on suspected homosexuals, and blocked crucial healthcare services and HIV prevention programmes.

This led a lawmaker to accuse the station of “glorifying gayism”, and it was forced to issue an apology.

In ensuing days the regional commissioner of Tanzania’s economic capital Dar es Salaam, Paul Makonda, pledged to arrest gays and anyone who followed them on social media.

Magufuli has been credited with efforts to stamp out corruption, but he has come under fire for clamping down on civil liberties. That includes tightening the screws on the media, opposition and civil society organisations.

In 2018 he assured the World Bank — which had blocked missions to Tanzania over discrimination against LGBT people — that the government would end “discriminatory actions related to harassment and/or arrests” on the basis of sexual orientation.

The World Bank later lifted this directive.

Denmark also reversed a decision to withhold $10 million in aid from Tanzania on the basis of human rights violations.

On Friday, the US State Department slapped a travel ban on Makonda, the outspoken anti-gay commissioner of Dar es Salaam, for “his involvement in gross violations of human rights.” (source)

If John Winthrop, the infamous Puritan colonist, once envisioned the US as a sort of a “city on a hill”, quoting the words from Sacred Scripture, what is she today?

It makes one think a lot about it.


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